They left the Mountain, and then they heard a Roar, they saw Boss Wolf survived

Po: No great! Is him!

Ace: He survived!

Tigress: He's heading to China! We got to warn the Captain!

They went to China and catch up The Captain

Po: Captain!

Monkey: Boss Wolf is alive! And he's heading this way!

Captain: And how should I trust you for that?

Ace: But they are telling the truth!

They saw a Raven and they saw Boss Wolf survived

Captain: Gate the Palace! Do not let the Enemy reach the Emperor! That's in order!

He saw his trop turned into a Heartless

Ace: Captain! We'll secure the courtyard! And you can save the Emperor!

Daffy: That's in order!

He left and our Heroes is fighting them and they defeated them

Po: Let's get to the Palace! The Emperor is trouble from that Wolf guy!

Peng: Let's go!

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