Pooh and Friends, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles manage to infiltrate the Egg Carrier and free Amy, but Eggman and Bowser manages to get the Dark Blue Chaos Emerald from Lily's pendant. Meanwhile Knuckles manages to get hold of the last piece of the Master Emerald. Amy, Tails, and Gamma leave the Egg Carrier while Big and Chris manage to find Froggy and free him. Eggman then captures Froggy, squeezing him until he spits out the Purple emerald, and feeds the Dark Blue and Purple Chaos Emeralds to Chaos. Sonic and Knuckles manage to defeat Chaos and recover the Emeralds. Afterwards, everyone somehow escapes the crashing Egg Carrier: Sonic hitches a ride with Eggman who eventually finds a mysterious ruin; Tails, Amy, & Lily return to Chris' house; Gamma flies away; Big, Froggy, Knuckles, and Chris escape on the X-Tornado. Once Tails gets back, he must stop a fired Eggman missile from detonating, and does so successfully. The people of Station Square cheer him on. Back at Chris's home, Amy finds out about Lily's siblings, then with great determination they head out to find them, and Chris locates the White Chaos Emerald.