Here is how Princess Yuna, Princess Skyla, Princess Twila and Princess Nyx began healing the Carnotaraus baby in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

In the RV.

Zeñorita Cebra: Papa! Mama!

Victor: What is it, Zeñorita?

Baby Carnotaurus: (calling for it's mother)

Scander: (puts a muzzle on it's mouth) It's leg is badly hurt!

Princess Yuna: Skyla! Twila! Nyx! I'm gonna need your help to heal the leg! Royal Crusaders, Keep us covered!

Armor Bride: You got it!

Yuna, Skyla, Twila and Nyx used their magic and healed the baby Carnotaraus' broken leg.

Nyx: There we go.

Princess Twila: All better.

Armor Bride: Well, That was quick.

Princess Skyla: And tiring.

Sweetie Heart: At least nothing bad's happening yet.

Just then, the 4x4 jeep was damaged and falls off the cliff. Yuna knew that the noise was.

Princess Yuna: Mom and Dad are very, very angry.

Male Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!!!!!

Female Carnotaurus: (bumps the RV)

Princess Skyla: Wait a minute!

Princess Yuna: (takes the muzzle off the baby)

Baby Carnotaurus: (calls for it's family again)

Princess Yuna: They want their baby back.

Snowdrop: Come on, Yuna.

Princess Skyla: Give it back to it's parents.

Zeñorita Cebra: Vomonos, Yuna!

Nyx: Hurry!

Armor Bride: (carrying the baby Carnotaraus)

Sweetie Heart: Don't worry, We'll get you back to your parents.

Scander: Anytime now!

Britney Sweet: Hurry!

Baby Carnotaurus: (calling it's parents)

Twilgiht Sparkle: I don't think they'll wait any longer!

Male Carnotaurus: (eyes on it's infant)

Princess Skyla: We're getting you back to your mommy and daddy.

Baby Carnotaurus: (calling for it's parents)

Female Carnotaurus: (eyes on it's baby)

The foals lets the infant Carnotaurus go to it's parents.

Princess Yuna: Phew.

Sunset Shimmer: That was close.

Thomas: I'm glad that's over.

Victor: Indeed it is.

Just then, the phone rang.

Princess Yuna: Hello?

Dusty Crophopper: (on the phone) Yuna? Are you there?

Princess Yuna: (on the phone) Yes, Dusty.

Dusty Crophopper: (on the phone) Don't worry, The rest of our friends are on their way.

Twilight Sparkle: Well, That went well.

Princess Yuna: (puts the phone down) Something's wrong out here.

Britney Sweet: So, Let's just call for help.

Thomas: That's just what we're doing, Britney.

Twilight Sparkle: Yuna. See if you can reach the boat contact.

Princess Yuna: (trying to get a boat contact, sees something and know what happened next) Hang on, This is going to be a quick call.

The RV's trailer was suddenly bumped, It was the Carnotaraus family.


The trailer is now upside down.

Nyx: They're still here!

Female Carnotaraus: (bump the RV)

Male Carnotaraus: (pop the tires as they both push the RV down)

Princess Yuna: They're pushing us down!

Nyx: Oh No!

Princess Yuna: The Door is stuck!

Snowdrop: We can't get out!

The two Carnotarauses pushed the RV towards the cliff.

The Royal Crusaders: HANG ONTO SOMETHING!!!!


The trailer is at the cliff. Trixie holds on the fridge but she fell. Trixie landed onto the glass window.

Princess Yuna: Trixie!

Sunset Shimmer: Don't move!!!

Trixie stood very still. The glass is about to break.

Trixie: I could use some help!

Twilight Sparkle: Hang in there, Trixie!

Princess Skyla: I'm coming for you!

Princess Yuna: Be careful, Skyla!

Trixie: Not too fast, Skyla!

Sunset Shimmer: (reaching for the phone)

Princess Yuna: Be careful, Princess Sunset!

Trixie: Anytime now!

Sunset Shimmer: Almost.... Got it!

The phone bag is completely slipped and fell. The glass breaks and Trixie grabbed Sunset's hoof.

Trixie: I'm not letting go!

Yuna, Snowdrop and Skyla grabs Trixie by her tail. Reggie and Jake came to the rescue on a jeep. There was a horn.

Jake: Don't worry, Yuna! We're coming!

Reggie: Who's hurt? What do you need?

Princess Yuna: We need three cheeseburgers with everything.

Nyx: No onions on mine.

Snowdrop: A rainbow slushy.

Princess Skyla: Get us out of here!

Reggie: Hang on! Help is on the way!

Jake: Just hold tight!

Snowdrop: Throw us a rope!

Reggie and Jake tied the rope on a tree tightly and to straight to where the others are.

Sunset Shimmer: We got it!

The RV started to sliding.

Princess Yuna: WE'RE SLIDING!!!

Reggie: Hurry, Jake!

Jake: (pulling back) I'm pulling back as best I can!

Reggie and Jake quickly pulls back the RV. The 4x4 Jeep was slipping. Just then, They hear footsteps.

Jake: What was that?

The two Carnotaurus came out of nowhere.

Reggie: (screams)

The two Carnotaurus began to attack the jeep.

Jake: Abandoned jeep!

Reggie and Jake jumped out just in time, the jeep was torn to bits. The two Carnotaurus crushed it.

Princess Yuna: Hold on!

The RV fell of the cliff, And into the sharp rocks. The 4x4 jeep was destroyed.

Sunset Shimmer: (climbed up with somepony backing up)

Princess Yuna: (pulled up)

Then, the rest of the poachers, scientists, wranglers, vets and Radcliffe came.

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