Heart flower of teletubbyland

The Heart Flower of Teletubbyland is the one of the magic heart shaped flower that is once is soiled on the ground. But they grant a bad wish so the white will change color into Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Dark Blue and Black to plant with the seeds into itself, but it will get into trouble. When the flower grant the good wish and it stays white color.


  • The heart flower is very simliar like the place from the Lunaverse (aka Witch Queen Heart) from Magical DoReMi Season 2.
  • In the episode appear by Power Rangers Harmony Force in The Forbidden Heart flower of Teletubbyland.
  • The Girls will try to turn the heart flower back into it's original self and apple bloom was very disappointed that she grant a bad wish. So they will apologize the flower and the portal of Teletubbyland open and the heart flower return home with a great place.
  • Because it causes the color can change by the flower's wish why they said.
  • The Heart Flower will make a good wish and the flower stays white.


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