They looking around the city and they saw Perry and the others searching for something, and then Unversed is behind them

Kazemon: Watch out!

They save them

Beetlemon: You must be Agent P, Pinky, Peter and Terry. Your owner and your friends are searching for you. We have o take you back.

But they refused to go back

Kazemon: You don't? Why?

Then Unversed appeared

Beetlemon: Looks like we have to fight.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Socerymon: That's all of them.

Beetlemon: Perry, you and your fitness have to go back.

They still refuse and they left

Kazemon: Guys, wait!

Beetlemon: Come on, let's go find them.

Hours later

They are fighting the Unversed in Space and they saw 4 Star Gem

Kazemon: This must be a Wayfinder that they were carrying around.

Socerymon: So that's why they refused because they are searching for it.

Beetlemon: Come on, let's go back!

They went off to the Resistance

Baljeet: Our Pets have been sighted. At that time, they are Dr Doofenshmirtz ship, wondering around the launch deck. Would you see that they are safe?

Kazemon: Is Perry and the others look so stubborn?

Phineas: No, they're not. They always have to do this for their mission.

Beetlemon: Okay. We'll head back there now.

They went off and found them 

Kazemon: Animal Agents! 

They saw them

Beetlemon: We have to take you back, you can't leave your friends waiting. 

Socerymon: Our name is Socerymon, Beetlemon and Kazemon. And we have to take you back.

They saw the Gem Star, they snatched it and they look happy

Kazemon: So those were being to you?

Beetlemon: Have you met, Kumamon and his best friends?

They nodded means no

Socerymon: Our Loweemon, Lobomon and Agunimon?

They nodded means yes

Kazemon: You know them how long?

Perry use two finger

Kazemon: Two Hours?

They look happy

Kazemon: Then you're alright.

Then something attacked perry and it was Doofenshmirtz

Dr Doofenshmirtz: I finally found you.

Socerymon: Who are you?! You almost hit thst poor Platypus!

Dr Doofenshmirtz: I am Dr Heiz Doofenshmirtz. And turn you into Cyborg. Anyway, perry, do you have one last word to say?

Perry: (Chatting)

Dr Doofenshmirtz: Alright! Time to get you!

They are gonna fight them

Kazemon: Looks like we have to fight.

Pinky: (Barking)

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Dr Doofenshmirtz: I won't forget this!

He escape and then the Resistance has arrived

Phineas: Perry, what have I told you not to leave us like this.

Perry look down

Ferb: You've did a great job. Thanks.

They look at Perry and the others

Major Monogram: After you ran away from us, I have no choice but to relocate you.

They look down, They are gonna leave

Kazemon: Monogram, wait! Can you at least give them another chance?

Monogram: Another Chance? They disobey their orders for this.

Socerymon: But they need to have some Friends and Team. Disobey or not, they will at least have another chance. And they will succeed one.

Monogram: Alright, I give them another chance.

Kazemon: Thank you.

She walk up to Perry

Kazemon: My name is Kazemon. This is Beetlemon and Socerymon. And I like that charm you and your friend made.

Perry look happy

Beetlemon: Do you think maybe... My circle of friends could become part of yours?

They look confuse

Socerymon: Because we are you're Friends now. Our friends are Loweemon, Lobomon, Agunimon, Kotemon, Bearmon and Kumamon. That means we are friends.

They look happy And they left

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