They made it another ship and they saw Ratchet and Clank searching for something, and then Unversed is behind them

Nova: Watch out!

They save them

Ratchet: Whoa! Thanks.

Nova: No Problem. You must be Ratchet and Clank. Your team is searching for you.

Ratchet: We know. And even though, you guys looks like Antuari

They look shock

Nova: How did you know them?

Then Unversed appeared

Clank: Not them!

Nova: Looks like we have to fight.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Nova: That's all of them.

Otto: Ratchet, Clank. It's time for you to go back.

Clank: No, we can't leave without something that precise to us.

Ratchet: And I have to get for Antuari.

They left

Nova: Guys, wait!

Otto: Come on, let's go find them.

Hours later

They are fighting the Unversed in Space and they saw a Star Crystal

Nova: This must be a Wayfinder that Ratchet was carrying around.

Otto: Come on, let's go back!

They went off to the Galactic Rangers

Nora: Ratchet and Clank have been sighted. At that time, they are in Dr Nefarious ship, wondering around the launch deck. Would you see that they are safe?

Otto: Is Ratchet and Clank are you're Friends or your team.

Nora: I'll have to say... They were our team.

Nova: Okay. We'll head back there now.

They went off and found them

Clank: Ratchet. We didn't find that Star Crystal around here.

Ratchet: There must be! I know it's here somewhere.

Nova: Ratchet! Clank! We found you.

Clank: Oh. You're the one who save us?

Nova: I'm Nova and this is Otto. We come here to get you back at the Galactic Rangers.

Ratchet saw a Crystal Star

Ratchet: I found it!

He grab it

Ratchet: Thank goodness.

Nova: So it really does belongs to you. But... Where have you seen that shape?

Clank: Ratchet made that. He made of good luck charm that silver Monkey named Antuari show it to him. Antuari said team gave him charm was very precise to him.

Otto: Did he said that to you?

Clank: Of course he did.

They look happy

Nova: Then you're still alright, Antuari.

Ratchet: This is great. I found my Good Luck Charm. Clank, let's go back before-

Then some blast them and it was Dr Nefarious

Dr Nefarious: I finally found you.

Nova: Who are you?! You almost hit Ratchet!

Dr Nefarious: I am Dr Nefarious. And I'm gonna destroy you. Anyway, Ratchet, do you have one last word to say?

Ratchet: Alien Freak!

Dr Nefarious: That's not funny!

They are gonna fight them

Nova: Looks like we have to fight.

Ratchet: Yeah.

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Dr Nefarious: I won't forget this!

He escape and then Galactic Rangers has arrived

Nora: Ratchet. I told you not to leave us like this.

Ratchet: I'm sorry.

Brax: You've did a great job, Nova, Otto. Thanks.

They look at Ratchet and Clank

Nora: And as for you, Qwark. I want you to do another mission after I fired Ratchet and Clank.

Qwark: Aw, great.

They are gonna leave

Nova: Nora, wait! Can you at least give Ratchet and Clank another chance?

Nora: Another Chance? They failed their Mission and disobey our orders for this.

Otto: But they need to have some Friends and Team. Failer or not, they will at least have another chance. And they will succeed one.

Nora: Alright, I give them another chance.

Ratchet: Alright!

Nova: Thank you.

She and Nova walk up to Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet: Nova, Otto. Why did you say that to her?

Nova: We're Heroes and that what Heroes do. And we like that charm you made.

Ratchet: No Problem.

Nova: Do you think maybe... My circle of friends could become part of yours?

Ratchet: How come?

Otto: Because we are you're Friends now. Our friends are Antuari, Sparx and Gibson.

Ratchet: So.. we are friends.

Nova: Yeah.

Ratchet: Thanks.

Clank: We better go, bye.

They left and Nova and Otto left the ship

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