Heather Muldoon is the mayor's spoiled rotten little girl who always gets what she wants. She is wild, loud, careless and doesn't really take proper care of anything she owns, not even Frankie, her father's pet dog and especially not Precious. She sees delight in torturing animals and uses a slingshot at them to try and hit them. She fails in trying to stop Precious, Buddy and Surly from getting away but is glad when she believes her father killed Buddy due to sending him falling down from the balcony. She claims to be the sweetest and the greatest creation her father ever made but the animals, and possible other people, know otherwise. She is finally given a taste of her own medicine when the animals take back the park and she is knocked out due to being accidently hit with a sleep dart before she is arrested and attacks Gunther for shooting her with a dart.