Heather the Rhinoceros

Heather the Rhinoceros is a young rhino and a recurring character in The FT Squad's Adventures Series.  She is a member of the FT Squad Scouts, a recently formed adventure team consisting of herself, Jenny the Elephant, Matt the Owl and Scott the Penguin.  She is an original character created by Kylgrv.


  • Heather made her debut appearance in The FT Squad's Adventures in Dumbo.
  • Heather will later guest star in The FT Squad's Adventures in A Bug's Life.
  • Although it is never specified in the story, it can be assumed that Heather and Jenny are the best of friends.  Heather was the one who convinced Jenny that Kimmy would never hurt her on purpose and would come back to apologize for the action.  
  • Also, Heather revealed that she has a big brother back home.  It is unknown who he is and if he'll appear in a future story.

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