Heckyl is one of the deadliest criminals, laying waste to several galaxies. On Sledge's Ship, most outlaws are kept in standard cells, but the very worst, like Heckyl, are imprisoned in specialized solitary blocks, with the cages being completely closed and reinforced with thick metallic shielding, having restraints physically attached to their bodies, and little to no contact with the outside world. The mere suggestion by Sledge of releasing him was enough to cause an uproar within the ship, sending all of the prisoners into instantaneous panic and instilling fear even to Wrench and Fury. After Heckyl and Snide are separated, Heckyl's motivation becomes revenge against Lord Arcanon for destroying his homeworld, Sentai 6.


  • Heckyl was eventually bonded by the Talon Energem with the Spirit of the Spinosaurus and became the Dino Charge Talon Ranger in Power Rangers Harmony Force.