Henry's Nightmare is the second episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


Henry's very pround of his new shape ever since the accident with the Flying Kipper, but over the years he was still wondering what would happen if he did not get some welsh coal and remained in his old shape.

One night Thomas, Percy and Twilight can see that Henry was worried about something. Thomas ask him if something is wrong, but Henry just snapped at him saying he's fine. As Thomas went to his shed, Henry felt awful for snapping at him and decided to apologize tomorrow. As soon as Henry went to sleep, he began to dream.

Henry is dreaming about the time when he was in his old shape and The Fat Controller can not buy some welsh coal because it was to exspenive as he's trying to hold some money but he said he will give Henry a fair chance to carry a train with a group from the LMS for a meeting.

Henry went well to start of, but on his return journey, he began to go slower and slower until his fire dropped right on Gordon's Hill and Henry stopped. His driver went to Wellsworth to get help and soon Edward was on his way. When they arrived at Knapford, the passengers of the LMS were complaning to the Fat Controller as punished Henry into a disused siding.

Henry stayed there for days, weeks and months while The Fat Controller has brought another engine called Alfred to take over Henry's Job. One night the engine brought a goods train and the Fat Controller went to see Henry and he told Henry that he is going to the Other Railway to be scrapped since he can't fix him and neither can his old railway. As the Fat Controller had finished, Alfred grinning took Henry away to the other railway as Henry was pleading like mad.

Henry woke with a loud whistle as it woke the engines and the ponies. They ask him what was wrong as Henry told them that he had a nightmare about when he was in his old shape and the Fat Controller have decided to scrapped him. Thomas, Percy and Twilight soon calmed Henry down as Thomas reminded Henry that no matter have many time Henry failed in his old shape, the Fat Controller will never give up on him and Henry smile and felt better as he apologize for snapping at Thomas.

Now Henry knew that whenever he breaks down, the Fat Controller and his workman fix him and no matter how old Henry gets, The Fat Controller will make sure that he is not a pile of scrap.