Here's how meeting Henry the Gecko and Regirock's second attack goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[Soon our heroes are at the rainforest]

Fishlegs: Alright, now to the water hole.

[but as Fishlegs leads them on there's a rustling sound]

Fishlegs: What is that?!

[then the rustling sound is heard again]

Skyla: It's coming from the bushes!

Human Pinkie: It might be the Predator! Coming back for revenge!

Snowdrop: That's impossible, I killed him myself!

[We see the Predator in the trees]

Human Pinkie: (in thermal vision) Yeah, but he might've been ressurected!

Human Twilight: (in thermal vision) Pinkie, Snowdrop's right. She killed him all by herself.

Human Fluttershy: (in thermal vision) What if there's 2?

Sharon: (in thermal vision) There couldn't be!

[In real life]

Human Rainbow: He's dead!

[the rustling is heard again]

Ralphie: Is it just me, or does that rustling sound closer?

[the rustling sound is getting closer]

Skyla: It might just be a Terrible Terror or something. [she looks into the bushes and is face to face with 2 huge yellow eyes] EEP!! BUG EYED MONSTER!! [jumps up and grabs a tree branch hanging overhead and shudders]

[But it shows a lizard]

Human Twilight: What? It's only a gecko.

Skyla: Only a gecko?! That's like saying: (lets go of branch) "Oh, it's only Godzilla". (notices she let go) HUH?! [falls down] Oof!

Vinnie Terrio: Hey, hold on. I think I know this gecko. [walks closer to it]

[then after taking a good look, Vinnie then has flashback of him the same Gecko hanging out and having fun]

Vinnie Terrio: Hey, I do know this gecko! Crusaders, don't you reconize this guy?

Scootaloo: No, who?

Vinnie Terrio: Don't you see?! It's Henry!

Apple Bloom: Really?

Henry: Hey Crusaders, Vinnie! It's been a long time since we've seen each other!

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah, you too!

Henry: What are you guys doing here?

Sweetie Belle: We're on a quest to bring back Prince Barret Barricade.

Henry: Ooohh... can I come?

Yuna: Well....

Vinnie Terrio: Sure you can, any cousin of mine is welcome!

Henry: Oh, thank you! Finally an adventure, it gets so boring in this forest. You can stick with me, cause I know all about this jungle!

Indigo Zap: Really? I hope that doesn't mean you aren't afraid of big game hunters, [raises an eyebrow] that skin geckos.

Henry: Skin geckos?!

Inidgo Zap: Yeah, and they sell them.

Henry: Oh my!

Eevee: They don't skin geckos, you idiot! They do that to tigers, and it's now illegal.

Henry: Whew! Thank goodness.

Zoe Trent: Um, I don't know about this. I'm not so comfy about going into a forest we've never been in.

Mushu: Oh, come on, Zo. It'll be fun! (shoulders her)

Zoe Trent: Do you just hit me?

Mushu: [lighty shoulders Zoe] Maybe...

Zoe Trent: Well, please quit it.

Mushu: [shoulders her harder] Why should I?

Zoe Trent: Because I don't like it, and I said so! [shoves Mushu]

[the Mushu starts randomly shouldering Zoe]

Pepper Clark: Okay, now Mushu's just being stupid.

[then Mushu shoves into Zoe, which makes Zoe fall back and beret flies off and lands in a mud puddle]

Zoe Trent: [gasps] 9she then looks at Mushu as fire appears in her eyes as her face turns red] (growls)

Gail Trent: Oh no. Not the beret.

Mushu: What? What abo...

[Zoe shoves Mushu in the mud, as Mushu glares at her, but just Zoe is about to grab her beret, Mushu kicks her into the mud]

Zoe Trent: My coat! Why you...

[the 2 then start fighting in the mud]

Connie: Alright, violence isn't gonna solve anything. Why don't we all take a deep, cleansing breath and...

[then Mushu fires a fireball, which Connie ducks to avoid it]

Mitizi: Will someone please make those 2 stop before they do something they regret!?

[then as Zoe and Mushu are about to deliver a punch to each other, when water is flung onto them]

Mushu and Zoe Trent: Cold!

[we see Astrid holding a pail]

Astrid: Alright, that's enough out of both of you!

Zoe Trent: But he,,, I... my...

Human Rarity: [holds out Zoe's beret, which is now clean] Beret?

Zoe Trent: Oh! [takes it and puts it back on] Thank you.

Fishlegs: Okay, onward to the water hole!

[they continue on, and soon come to a mountain with a rainforest environment]

Vinnie Terrio: This is a charming place.

Henry: Do you like it?

Vinnie Terrio: Like it? I love it!

[Then Brian hits something]

Brian: Ow! Dag, gummit!

Sylveon: Are you alright?

Brian: Yeah, I'm fine. [then he feels the spot where he hit] Wait a minute. This isn't a tree, it feels like rock.

[Then it turns around to revealed to be Regirock!]

Regicork: [beeping]

[Everyone gasps]

Leaden: It's Regirock!

Regirock: Boop, boop, boop. [beeping] Boop, boop, boop, boop, rock.

[He tries to grab Brian and Sylveon, but the 2 Force push him]

["Flight in Panic 1" starts playing]

Brian: Quick, run!

[Everyone runs as Regirock gets back up, really angry]

Regirock: Regirock! [digs in the ground]

[Everyone hides behind a rock, but they hear Regirock's beeping, they hide in a bush, but they hear him near-by. They hide in another rock, but he is still coming. And soon they hide under an n shape rock]

Sunlight: Did we loose him?

Eevee: [looking out] Yeah, I think so.

Snoulout: Man, that was close.

Sunny Flare: [looks up] Uhh, guys.

[Everyoen looks up, and Regirock was at the top!]

Regirock: [beeps. And subtitles show up saying "I've got you now!"] (he builds up a hyper beam)

Yuna: RUN!!!

[They make a get away when Regirock fires at the ground. He's now chasing our heroes, till they hide under a hole. As Regirock looks around, he can't find them. And he walks off]

[soon enough, they get back up and carried on]

Sharon: We have to keep going. Where to Fishlegs?

Fishlegs: We're almost there, just keep up with me.

[Fishlegs and Meatlug lead the team on]

["Follow your Star" starts playing]

[As the team are journey along, it shows different clips of our heroes journey. First with Skyla and Crystal Heart going straight but back to the others which makes Astrid roll her eyes and points the map straight and our heroes follow them. But then in the next scenes, Henry guides our heroes to a passage but Sugarcoat hops in a lagoon when intact it was infested with leaches, which Human Rarity has to pick them off. Then in the next scenes, our heroes are on a rocky path and a Piranha jumps up and bites Brian's tail. Then in the next scenes he is relaxing with the Piranha as dinner, but a nearby Dinosaur grabs it. The next scenes shows our heroes in a hot tub. But then some monkey grabs Peter's glasses and run off with them, with Peter chasing him, then in the next scene Firestrom presses down a top of a tree to make it fall over a small brook, with our heroes to walk on it, but Eevee whispers into Firestorm's ear and let's go the tree, causing it to swing back into its upright position. And the Crystal Prep Girls are tossed into the air and land on the ground, with them laughing Afterwards, there was a moment when Peter sees a bee's nest and throws a rock and it, making a hole, and him laughing. When intact it's a Japanese hornet's nest and they chase him! Another time Sharon catches a frog, blowing it up like a balloon and presenting it to the others. In return, Yuna grabs a python, blowing it up, fashioning it into a balloon animal and presenting it to Sharon.]

[then the villains dragons are picking up their trail with the villains]

Ernie: We're getting close.

Sideshow Bob: Alright, Honchkrow go!

[He throws a Dark Ball and Honchkrow goes to find our herpes]

Bobby Briggs: Now what?

Nightmare Moon: We'll follow their trial.

[Back to our heroes they are still going. But another thing sees them, it was another Pokémon called "Registeel"]

Registeel: [beeping]

Sunlight: Sharon, I'm hot and tired! Can we rest?

Sharon: No, we'll keep going until dark.

Sunlight: Who says?

Sharon: I says. And if you don't like it, you can go.... [swings to Sunlight] back to Canterlot Castle!

Sunlight: Oh, okay, okay! But, my corns hurt.

Sharon: Ah, you and your corns.

Sunlight: But you don't understand! My corns always hurt when they're on a quest!

Sharon: [sarcastically] Great. Once we bring back father, make sure you tell him all about your corn problems.

Sunny Flare: Hey, guys if that Regirock comes back, we can give him the bone. POW!!

Eevee: Yeah, then he'll use hyper beam. Does that sound fair to you?

Sunny Flare: No.

Umbreon: You know, there's more to Pokemon and Dragons that meets the eye.

Lemon Zest: Example?

Glaceon: Example? Okay, Dragons and Pokemon are like..  (grabs a fruit from a close tree) pineapples!

Sour Sweet: They're spiky?

Glaceon: Yes, I mean.. no!

Sugarcoat: Or they're big and tough?

Glaceon: No!

Indigo Zap: Oh, you share with them by eating them.

Glaceon: NO!!! LAYERS!!!

Espeon: Pineapples have layers, Pokemon and Dragons have layers! 

Leafeon: You get it?! We all have layers!

Glaceon: [groans of frustration as she chucks the pineapple over her shoulder]

Singun: [catches it and eats it]

Lemon Zest: Oh, you have layers.

Sunny Flare: Not everyone likes pineapples. I mean that talking cheese lives in pineapple.

Yuna: His name is Spongebob! He's a sea sponge, not cheese.

Sugarcoat: Oh.

Sour Sweet: But what about cakes? Cake have layers, and everyone enjoys cake.

Vaporeon: I don't care what everyone likes! Eshk.

Lemon Zest: You know what's so good? Pompous. You can basically have it with just anything.


Lemon Zest: Pompous are the most delicious things in the whole world!

Glaceon: Really, I would love to see one.

[Then a giant white object appears in front of them, which turns out to be....]

Regice: Regice, Re, re, regice! [does Ice Beam!]

Eeveryone: Whoa!

Glaceon: Regice!

Regice: Regice! [does ice beam, but Toothless does a plasma blast which drives it back towards Regice's face]

Sharon: Run!

[They go around Regice]

Regice: REGICE!!

[Then Skyla stops]

Skyla: Guys, I think forward's a bad idea! Look!

[There was Regirock with Registeel]

Registeel: [beeping, does hyper beam]

Flareon: That's a Registeel!

Jolteon: And he looks powerful!

Registeel: [beeping. Prepares hyper beam]

[But Nightstar fires a blast blocking the hyper beam. Giving our heroes a chance to run, but then Sideshow Bob's Honchkrow spots them in the air]

Sharon: Sunlight, hurry! Or we'll get trapped!

Sunlight: You see, Sharon?! My corns, never die!

[Our heroes run up to a fallen tree]

Brian: Come on, across the tree!

[Soon our heroes are running across the tree, but avoided Regirock's hyper beam. Then Nightstriker destroys the tree with his plasma blast]

Regirock: [beeping]

Registeel: [beeping]

Brian: Come on, Night!

Nightstriker: [growls]

[Then the villains come up a little later, and see Honchkrow and hawks]

Sideshow Bob: Excellent work, girl. She says that she spotted them.

Ernie: Good. This is when we make things interesting. [deploys a Darkside]

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