Her Name is Naminé

(she is pulled into the darkness, but Naminé catches him and saves her. she finds herself in a white room standing before Naminé and Keldeo. Before she starts to speak, Naminé places a finger to her lips)

Naminé: My name is Naminé.

Keldeo: And my names Keldeo.

Naminé: Alice... Do you remember your true name?

(The same cloaked figure returns and picks Naminé up)

???: Say no more, Naminé.

Naminé: But if no one tells her, Alice will...

???: It's best she doesn't know the truth.

Alice: Hey! You're that pickpocket!

(The man holds out his hand and conjures a dark portal behind Alice. Alice leaps away from it. The figure pushes her inside)

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