Herb Copperbottom
Herb Copperbottom
is Rodney's father and Lydia Copperbottom's husband from the movie, Robots.

Herb first appears at the beginning of the movie, wherein he announces enthusiastically that he is to be a father (this being the day of Rodney's creation). It is said that he had wanted to be a musician and he played pretty well to but his father was worried that Herb would not make a living so he got re-modeled to be a Dishwasher, however he became a musician the end of the film, wherein Rodney gives him a brass wind instrument resembling a French Horn. In the interim years, Herb was a dishwashing machine at a restaurant owned by a cranky robot called Mr. Gunk. Mr, Gunk bosses Herb around until at the end of the film when Herb has had enough of him and quits his job. Herb begins to disintegrate during Rodney's adulthood, ultimately to be repaired at Bigweld Industries later on. His musical career begins with an off-key song that transmutes into an enjoyable dance number that combines, according to Fender, "jazz and funk". The resulting music is called "junk".

Herb wears a white dishwashing machine on his chest until the final scenes, below which is a metal panel resembling an apron. He is optimistic, but less prone to lie than his wife. All herb wants is for his son 'Rodney Copperbottom' to succeed in life and 'never give up'.


  • He is voiced by Stanley Tucci.