Here is how Here comes the Calvary goes in Fantasyland Rescue.

In the tunnel.

Casey Jr.: Now, What'll we do!?

Princess Yuna: I'm not strong enough to use my magic yet.

Dusty Crophopper: I think I have an idea. Duck, Try to use your whistle!

Duck: Good idea, Dusty!

Train: Let's all do it together!

Casey Jr.: (whistled)

Princess Yuna: That's loud enough for anyone to hear us!

Ivor: (whistled)

Jones the Steam: Keep whistling, Ivor!

Ivor: (whistled) Come on, Everyone! Start whistling!

Toots: (whistled)

Azul: (whistled)

Greendale Rocket: (whistled)

At Equestria.

Tigatron: Did you hear that?

Airazor: I think so.

Tigatron: Look! It's coming from that tunnel over there!

Airazor: I hears some whistling!

Tigatron: One of them must be Duck!

Airazor: It is Duck!

Tigatron: Come on, We must go and get help!

Airazor: Right!

At Brendam Docks.

Percy: Any luck yet?

Loco: Still no sign of any of them.

Percy: I hope they're okay.

Cranky: We better keep our hopes up.

Percy saw something.

Percy: Cranky! Salty! Porter! Gator! Loco! Look! That must be the tunnel to Fantasyland up there.

Cranky: That's impossible!

Eliza: Mommy? Daddy? Do you think Yuna, Dusty and Duck could be in Fantasyland?

James: Maybe, Eliza.

Molly: We won't know for sure.

Eliza: How long has this tunnel be blocked?

Sir Topham Hatt: It's been blocked for years.

Princess Celestia: Let's hope they're in good hands.

Princess Luna: I hope Yuna is alright.

Sir Topham Hatt: Let's keep our hopes up for their safety.

Gator: Percy, Look!

Percy: It's Tigatron and Airazor!

Tigatron: We found the tunnel!

Airazor: It leads to Fantasyland! And Yuna, Dusty and Duck are inside that tunnel to Fantasyland!

Percy: I can't believe it!

Gator: Thank Goodness!

Percy: We must find a way to dig that tunnel!

Gator: But how!?

Thomas: I have an idea!

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