This is how Our Heroes arrived in DC World and stop the Villains in Ryan's Quest.

[They made to the DC World and they saw the Superheroes fight the Heartless and they need help]

Ryan: Let us help you.

Superman: Thanks, we could use some help.

They are fighting them and they did it

Batman: That's all of them.

Wonder Woman: Thank you.

Ryan: Just to make sure we have to keep the Heartless away from you.

Green Lantern: Heartless? So you called those creatures as Heartless. We never seen one since the Villains take over the City.

Crash: What do you mean?

Batman: We were Superheroes and then Everything has been taken over.

Wonder Woman: And we have to stop them once and for all.

Ryan: So we help?

Batman: Yeah, you can come with us. Let's go!

They went off and they found the Villains

Ryan: There you are!

Joker: Well, if it isn't Batman and friends.

Two-Face: And those Heroes.

Batman: Let's get our city back from them.

Ryan: Alright, then... Get them!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Evil Ryan: Now, Ryan. Let's look for the Keyhole.

They saw the Keyhole and Ryan sealed it

Ryan: Time to go.

Batman: You think you have to go?

Ryan: Yeah, but don't worry, we'll come back soon.

Superman: Ok. See you when you come back.

Wonder Woman: Bye, Ryan, Sci-Ryan, Evil Ryan and the gang.

Ryan: Bye.

They left this World

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