They arrived in Paris and they look at the Painting

Ryder: It doesn't look like much of a window to me. 

Keita: Maybe the diamond is in the painting. 

Inaho: All we have to do is steal the Mona Lisa. 

Whisper:Way ahead of you. 

They stop him

Chase: No, you look, you don't touch, right?

Whisper: Yeah. But I'm already in costume. 

Skye: That's a good look for you. 

Pinky: Do you think so? 

Ryder: Wait a minute. 

They something and tell pull out and it show a window

Whisper: It is a window. 

They look at it

Inaho: It's an X-ray.

They saw a Bra

Ryder: Oops. Sorry.

it show's a Map of Africa

ruder: It's a map of Africa. Maybe that's where the diamond is. 

Skye: Hold it up. I'll take a picture.

Whisper:  Can I take a picture? Please? Come on, give me your phone. I want to take a picture, too. 

Marshall: Cheese it, the cops. 

They saw him, so they pretend to be the tourist

Whisper: He's gone. So let me take a picture, will you? I want to take a picture, too. Come on, please? Can I hold the window? Let me see the window.

Hunter: I'll take that! 

Marshall: What gives, mr? 

Rocky: We made 35 pictures together.

Hunter: As it turns out, I'm secretly evil.

Whisper:  That's show biz for you.

Hunter: Now make with the card,so I can please my dark masters.

Jibanyan: Yes, sir. Queen of diamonds is your card. Just put it back in the deck, anywhere is fine. And oopsie-daisy! 

Komasan: Is this your card? 

Hunter: No. 

USApyon: This? 

Hunter: No. 

Komajiro: Run.

Inumaro: This? 

Hunter: No. I said it's the queen of diamonds, I tell you. 

Nekoniyo: You mean, like this one?

They run away from him

Ryder: Think we should go back and help him? 

Keita: That Hunter never gets Them. It's a formula, but it works.

Then Skye has been taken

Pinky: The great thing about movies, you always know what will happen. For instance, if this was a movie... you and I'd probably wind up together. 

Then they noticed she's missing

Skye: If you don't let go of me, I'll scream... but I'm not gonna stop screaming!

They are going to save her


The Yokai Heroes are in the Painting

Dolly: Well, this is surreal.

Hunter: Stop or I'll fire. 

They went many painting and they're dress up as Ladies and kicking Hunter

Hunter: Hello. Oh, my. Ladies, please. 


They saw that man carried Skye in a Bag

Pinky: Gendarme! 

Skunk: Oui, monsieur? 

Keita: There's a man there. He's got a puppy.h

Pinky: Sje's tied up in a burlap sack. He's taking her to the Eiffel Tower. 

Skunk: It is spring, is it not?

Meanwhile I'm gonna blast you.

He saw a Babies 

Hunter: Shucks.

They run away from him and he doesn't return back to normal

Sunil: "Pointillism: A technique of using individual dots of pigment... "Which, taken together, make an image.

He blow him away

Hunter: Oh, crud. 

Vinnie: I think when you go to the movies, you should learn something.

Back to the heroes

Ryder: Pardonnez-moi. Excusez-moi.

Ryder is going to save her, by using his pant and then he's pant has flown away without him only his boxers

Bear: Look at that clown here. Now, there's something you don't see every day. 

Ryder: You. Come here. 

Bear: Wait a minute. 

Keita: We don't want any trouble. 

Bear: What are you doing?

Pinky We just want your pants! 

Vulture: That's right. I'm a vicious bird of prey. 

The Man got the Camera and went to the Ladder

Ryder and the Others are going to the Tower

Ryder: Merci

They make it here and then Skye is hanging on to him

Skye: He's got the camera!

They are going to save her

Pinky: Give the girl back! 

Then she fell to her doom, then Pinky save her and landed to his friend's and Ryder and Keita catch up with them

Zuma: What kept you? 

Pinky: You okay?

Skye: That was great.

Ryder: I'd say it's a perfect day. Except for the fact that we lost the map. 

Russel: We? 

Pinky: All right, I'm the jerk who lost the map. 

Perry: And I'm the Platypus who saved the card.

They show it to him

Perry: Voil. 

Ryder: Nice going, Perry. Africa.

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