This is how our Heroes went to Wizard of Oz world and how they stop the witch in Ryan's Quest.

Our Heroes made it to Wizard of Oz world

Sci-Ryan: Guys. I don't think we're in Kanses anymore.

Ryan: Let's go, look around.

They went off and they saw a Castle

Evil Ryan: This is pretty easy.

They saw a Witch

Witch: Looks like you can't find the Keyhole here.

Ryan: Let's go inside.

They went inside the Castle and they saw Dorothy and her friends surrounded by Heartless

Ryan: You have to hide.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: Phew, that was close.

Dorothy: Thank you for saving us.

Ryan: You have make sure you and your friends be safe from the Heartless.

Dorothy: Heartless? Is that what you called?

Sci-Ryan: So what are you doing here?

Dorothy: Me and my friends are going to stop the witch.

Ryan: Should we help you stop her?

Dorothy: Yes, Please.

They went off and they found her

Witch: You're here! And nobody will stop me!

Crash: I think you got the wrong idea, lady. Ryan's got a Keyblade which means his skills in fighting Heartless are A-OK.

Witch: We'll see about that!

She summon her Heartless and they are gonna fight them, and they defeat them and the Witch is melting now

Witch: AAAHH You robot-brat! Look what you've done!? I'm melting! I'm melting! Oh what a world, what a world! Who would have thought a good robo-boy like you could have destroyed my beautiful wickedness? Oh! I'm going!

Ryan: Hee-hee. Now that's what I call a watery end.

Ryan saw the Keyhole, he seal it

Ryan: It's time for us to go.

Dorothy: Hope you can get back home soon like me.

Ryan: Yeah, bye!

Evil Ryan: How would that witch we beaten ever took a bath?

Dorothy: Bye!

They left this world

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