Herman the Tramway Diesel is a movie taking place during season 2 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


Herman, was a small little tram engine who worked on his tram line with his faithful coach Harley. But hard times came, and the tram line shut down. Herman thought it was the end, but when a stout gentleman came to the railway one day, Herman's life changed forever.

He was taken to H.G. Island, and began a new life. He soon began discovering he was stronger and faster than most of the other engines, much to the dismay of the mallard engine, Vincent. He was so hailed, he was allowed to pull the express himself.

But Herman's power is not without cause - and effect. His powers were ill-begotten, and another engine faced the worse end of the equation. Now this engine is after Herman and his power, and Herman will have to come to grips with what he is, what it means for the others, and how his life will change on H.G. Island.


Opening prologue/Herman's backstory

Once upon a time, there was a diesel tram engine called: "Herman". Who worked on his own branchline with his faithful coach: Harley. But hard times came, as trucks and buses began to take over his jobs, he and Harley tried hard, but it turned out to be too much for them.

The present/Herman meets Geri

In the present, it was Herman and Harley's last day. And everyone came for one last ride, they were laughing and singing, but Herman wished they aren't. But Harley cheers him up by saying they all came for him. Herman felt happier as he reversed back into the station platform, but the passengers were uncomfortable, Herman tries not to listen. And he set off. Once he arrived at the next station, the passengers all said good bye and wished Herman luck. And then he meets a stout gentlemen. As the gentlemen compliments on how smooth his ride was. And notes that this is the first time to speak to a tramway diesel. As Herman notes that he was lucky to catch his train, since it was his last run. And then the gentlemen notes that his workplace on his railway is rather limited and asks Herman if he would be interesting in joining his railway. Herman decided to think it over. As he and Harley went back to the shed. Harley is very excited about it, but Herman isn't so sure about it. But Harley talks sense into him and Herman makes his decision and returns to talk to the gentlemen and accepts his offer to join the railway.

Arriving at H.G. Island/Helping out Puffer

Once their arrival, it was very different from their other railway. The Gentlemen then tells Herman to stay out until he can find some work for him, and after he leaves, Harley notices Herman is a little off. As Herman points out that an engine (Puffer) is staring at him. But Harley tells him to pay no mind to him, but Herman notes that the engine is looking at him like how the people from his old line used to look at him. But Harley notes that he doesn't even know him and that if they get to know each other things will get better. And then the gentlemen walks up and tells Herman that they need an extra engine at the quarry. Herman asks about Harley, and the gentlemen tells him that one of the other engines will take care of her, while Puffer shows him the quarry in a big mess. Puffer explains the trucks have been up to no good and have been causing mischief and a big order of stone is needed.

So the 2 engines get to work and Herman then shunts a big line of trucks with no problems what so ever as Puffer struggles with one line of big trucks. As Herman offers to help and Puffer tries one more time but to no avail and asks Herman to help, in which the diesel pulls up and pulls all of the trucks away with hardly any effort as Puffer watches in astonishment. Puffer then asks how he did it, but Herman claims it comes natural to him, as Puffer then brings Herman to the line. It hadn't moved for a very long time. And they need all the stone they can get. And Puffer ask if he can try to get them out, and then Herman buffers up and he moves the line out of the siding! After he shunts the line onto the other trucks everyone cheers.

Meeting the other engines

As Puffer, Herman, and Harley return to the engine sheds, Herman stops outside. But Harley tells him to go over and say "hello", and as Herman goes in, Puffer tells the other engines about Herman's strength to the engines and our heroes. Including Thomas O'Malley, Duchess, Toulouse, Berlioz, and Marie who are visiting out heroes. Then, a Class A4 Mallard appeared out of nowhere. It was Vincent. He was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. As he claims that Herman isn't special and brags that he is the best engine on the whole railway. But Puffer tells him that he pulled the line today. And Rachel bets he couldn't organize a yard if his life depended on it. But Vincent chuffs away that he has a train to pull. Herman asks if Vincent is always like that, but Mighty Joe simply states he doesn't want to know. 

Next day/Meeting Mace

The next day, as Herman rides along the branchlike, Harley admires the scenery and explains that any seem possible on the railway, she could even become an express coach! Herman note that Vincent might prevent it, as Harley notes that's only one engine against him, but Herman notes that he's trying to fit in with a whole fleet of engines, while she doesn't. However, Harley mentions the high speed express coaches took a disliking to her. Harley then explains that the coaches told her that she was too old, and out of date to be useful. But none the less, she showed kindness to them. Just then, a saddle back tank engines arrives and talks to Herman. Herman admits that while it's nice he's getting a lot of attention, he feels like he won't fit in at all. And then the tank engine asks if Herman's abilities wasn't natural and they were caused by something more. As Vincent then speeds by insulting the engines. As the tank engine tells Herman not to mind Vincent and that his attitude will someday make him knock himself to bits. And then Mace leaves, bidding Herman a good day, as Herman continues on the branch line. Then, news broke out that Vincent can't get up the hill with the heavy express. So one workmen asks Herman to pull him and the express onward. But Herman isn't sure at first but agrees to help (more so he can prove himself to Vincent) and he sets off. Once there, Vincent scoffs of how he can help. But Herman states that he can prove he can pull the express jest as good as Vincent can. He then buffers up and then starts the train up and gets up to high speeds! And arrives at the station.

At the sheds/Making arrangements/Mace visits Marvell

Back at the engine shed, everyone are all praising Herman on his performance with the express. But Vincent was jealous. Then, the controller came to the sheds and praised Herman and promises him a coat of paint. And then he mentions about some talk about changes in the roaster schedule, and decided to have Herman pull the express in 2 days and Herman asks if he can make Harley an express coach. Which the controller accepts this and promises her a new coat of paint. But Vincent states that a tramway diesel and branchline coach do not belong in the express. but the controller decides that the third-class passengers will ride in Harley, and tomorrow, Herman and Harley will head to the works to make sure he's in tip-top shape for pulling the express. As Vincent angrily leaves, but in the shadows, mace watches and then he drives off. And heads down the line, until he reaches an unknown location and meets up with a 57xx pannier tank engine. Mace apologizes for being late, he said he was being held up. The tank engine then notes how she despises The Hiatt Grey Railway for their Steam Train preservation and she then notes how she dislikes her body. But Mace tells her that he's found Herman. And notes about how he's gotten very popular on the Hiatt Grey railway, as Marvell then goes to find him other diesels.

Herman's first Express run/the crash!

Early, next morning, Herman and Harley are being polished up for their first express run. Vincent was jealous. Herman admits that he's nervous of his first express run, but Harley gives him some encouragement and tells him, she'll always be with him, forever and ever. At the big station, Herman and Harley are coupled up to the express, as Puffer stands in the track next to him, ready to leave. And then Vincent pulls into the next platform, and wishes Herman luck, (which Puffer suspects something off) as Herman asks him what he means, but then the guard's whistle blew, and Herman sped out of the station, as Vincent watches (with a devious smirk on his face). On the other line, Jenny was pulling trucks full with rock. Back at the station, Puffer shunts in another line of coaches, but by now, he's curious about Vincent's sudden change of mood and asks him what's on his mind. Vincent explains that Herman will fail in taking the express because while the other engines were asleep, he jammed one of the switches that leads to the branchline and Herman will be five minutes late before he realizes it. But then Puffer exclaims that Jenny is coming the other way with a train of stone, and there'll be a collision! As Puffer races off to try and give a warning, Vincent stands in the the platform in shock. But by now, Herman has already been diverted onto the branchline! Harley quickly notices and tells Herman, at first he thinks she's joking but then when he passes another set of points, he then realizes they are on the branchline! And then up ahead, Jenny is heading straight towards him! The 2 engines throw their brakes on hard, but due to their heavy trains, their momentum drags them on. Jenny shuts her eyes, ready for the worse, but then Herman jumps the track and flies into a field just as Jenny comes to a complete stop a few inches away from him.

The clean up/Vincent exiled

Soon, the wreck was cleared, and the passengers weren't hurt, but they were cross. As all of them were ranting about the change in route and the wreak, as Puffer explains that it was Vincent's fault, and word has already gotten out to the controller. That night, the engines, and our heroes blame everything on Vincent. As whistles, names and rants are thrown at him, and the controller silences them. And he was heartbroken of what Vincent had done, and he exiled him! Vincent tries to reason but Rachel snaps at him that he almost caused of several citizens and her own sister. As the other engines all tell him to leave, Vincent then drives off, angry, humiliated, and furious with Herman. Herman was glad Vincent was gone, until Harley came into view. Harley tells him that it was not kind. Herman admits that it may not be kind, but he can't feel sorry for Vincent and he got what he deserved. But when Harley asks him what they deserve, which leaves Herman thinking.

Vincent in Exile/Vincent joins Marvell

As Vincent sits in a shed at the other railway while it rains, he claims the other engines are wrong and he doesn't deserve to be exiled, when it should be Herman. And, his driver back talks to him for what he did was wrong. Vincent apologizes to his crew, and then explains that he can screw all of the engines. As he's talking, 3 diesel engines approach him. And they ask him where Hiatt Grey railway is. Vincent asks him what they want with the railway. As one of the diesels notes they overheard Vincent's ranting. They could help him out.

Back with Herman & Harley

Back on the Hiatt Grey Railway, Herman has a nightmare of a crash and works shed, as he suddenly awakens to find himself at the works shed as Harley then asks if he's okay. And Herman assures he's okay, as Harley tells him that the controller wants him to take a small passenger train to the other side. Herman then agrees and they set off. But on the way, Harley asks more about Herman. Herman still claims that he's okay, but he then admits that he's still not sure about trusting the engines.

But then a class 40 diesel rolls up. He then asks Herman for assistance, and then explains that he's been looking for him because his superior wants to see him. But Herman says no, and it's wrong for him to drop all of his work just to visit the superior. But the Class 40 states that he wasn't taking options. He then charges him as Herman quickly races out and races down the line with the Class 40 chasing him. But the class 40 is catching up fast. But then Herman gets an idea, and then he races onto the branchline. And the diesel was left in the dust. Back at the other railway, Marvell has flashbacks of an event as Mace then arrives to let her know that the other 3 diesels are at Hiatt Grey Railway, but he then claims that it should be Marvell seeking Herman. Since she's the leader, it should be her responsibility, but then again, what is a tank engine to do when she meets up with a powerful engine. But Marvell snaps at Mace and claims that she will take back what is her's and make Herman suffer as she leaves. Back with Herman and Harley, they soon arrive at the quarry. And make rest in the shed. Harley then tries to reassure him, but Herman snaps and claims that everyone whats the freak in him and for once he wants someone to like him for who he is, not what he is. But Harley explains to Herman that someone is after them. Herman knows for sure that someone is after him, so they stay in the quarry for the night.

Fight with Rock/the deal

The next morning, Herman and Harley are just about to leave the quarry when a line of trucks come hurtling at them! But Herman reverse back just in time, and then a huge load of trucks came by! Herman barely avoids them as a diesel shunter then drives in. The diesel shunter then tells Herman that he was looking for him, but when Herman tries to run, he finds that the trucks have blocked his only exit, and the shunter then corners Herman and Harley into a siding. And rams him into siding with a line of trucks. But soon Herman has enough and he rams the diesel next. and then charges the diesel. As the 2 push against each other, but the diesel pushes back against Herman back into a siding and then shoves another line of trucks at him, But Herman quickly moves out of the way. But with each bash, Herman grows more and more angry. Herman then sees another switch and goes over it, but as he does, the diesel takes Harley! This is the final straw for Herman as he then bashes into the diesel and then he grabs a line of trucks and bashes it into the diesel. The 2 strain against each other, with sparks flying from their wheels, but then Herman gets a burst of strength and pushes with all his might and slams the diesel into a shed and it triggers an explosion! And they ran away. Back with Marvell and Mace, the other diesels haven't returned. Mace then explains about Rock's death. Which angers Marvell, as she realizes that Herman is stronger than she thought. He claims that something has to be done, just as one of the other diesels and Vincent pulled up. But Marvell hisses at the sight of Vincent, but the diesel explains that Vincent wants to help her beat Herman. Vincent then explains that he can tell Marvell everything about The Hiatt Grey Railway and Herman. Marvell listens carefully as Vincent explains.

Back at Hiatt Grey Railway/Harley leaves

Back on Hiatt Grey Railway, Herman and Harley come to a small station. But Herman can't stop thinking about what happened. Believing how powerful he is. And understands the reason why the superior wants him in the first place. But Harley then points at out that, even if Herman's a tramway diesel, or a powerful engine, or a freak, then he shouldn't use those 3 things as excuses for not doing something about it. Herman then sarcastically asks if Harley has a plan, but in fact, she does. She then explains that the superior is expecting a tramway diesel to come to her, but she won't be expecting an old tramway coach to come to her. Herman quickly catches on and declines the plan, but Harley states that she promised to always watched over him, and she is gonna keep it that way by finding out where the diesels and the superior are, which will give them an edge to stopping them. And the only thing to do is to find an engine who can take her to the mainland. But Herman refuses to let his coach go with any of the engines. But Harley states if they don't take a chance, then they won't accomplish anything. And asks if he trusts her.

Herman agrees and they head for the big station where they meet up with Puffer. Herman then asks Puffer to talk with him in private. And then asks him if there's any train heading for the mainland, which Puffer replies that Daylight is taking a train there, but asks why he wants to know. Herman explains that he needs Harley to be added onto the train because it's very important. Puffer agrees and asks the station master. But Herman is still unsure. But Puffer comes back and tells Herman that the train is need of an extra coach, so Harley can be added to the train. So then Puffer shunts Harley onto the train. And Daylight takes off, and she makes it to the other railway. But then, Harley gets captured by Vincent!

Herman leaves/Marvell's backstory

Back on Hiatt Grey Railway, Herman is worried for Harley. As Puffer demands to know what is going on, Herman explains that someone is looking for him and Harley, but before he can finish Vincent drives in and has Harley hostage! Vincent explains that the superior wants to see Herman, but if he doesn't, they'll kill Harley. Puffer tries to talk Herman out of it, but Herman agrees to Vincent's terms and the 2 engines leave. Leaving Puffer left to worry for Herman. As the 2 engines make their way down the line, they soon come to the mainland and into the lair of Marvell. However, Herman doesn't seem to know who Marvell is. Marvell tells the other engines to leave so she can tell her about the backstory of them.

Marvell explains that she is the superior of all diesels, but she doesn't look the part, only because of Herman. She explains that when she was a diesel engine, she was the strongest, fastest, and best of all diesels. One day, Marvell was sent to work with several tram engines. Herman was one of them. But Herman doesn't recall it. But then Marvell then adds that one night she was to take the express, but as she set off, Herman was taking a freight train that was too heavy for him, and he stalled at one of the junctions just as Marvell came in, but she was too late to stop. And she collided with Herman! But they survived, but were mangled. So, when the 2 engines were taken to the works, some of the most brilliant scientists took part of Marvell's engine and put it into Herman's body, hence he was so powerful. And put Marvell into her tank engine body. And the experiment cost Herman's memories of the events. And all the workmen could talk about was Herman while Marvell was left to rust. But that night, she would take back what is her's and leave Herman to rust in the sea. As Vincent then shunts Herman away while Marvell prepares.

The escape/Vincent's sacrifice/Herman explains his fear

In a shed, Herman and Harley are being guarded by Vincent. As Harley apologizes for causing them to end up in the predicament. But Herman forgives her and assures her, that she was always there for him and the same applies to him. But Vincent tells them to shut up. But Herman then scolds Vincent for his foolish choice. But Vincent claims that no one every appreciated him to begin with or even when Herman showed up. But Herman states that it wasn't that Vincent wasn't appreciated, it was his attitude that was the problem. Being the most grand engine, doesn't mean that he should rub it in. But he can be great if he helps them. Because that's what a grand express engine would do. And Harley explains that Vincent was wrong, and explains that the coaches, passengers, and crew admired him, and Vincent realizes that they're right. And he helps them escape, but are chased by Barry & Morgan! As they all race down the main line, the diesels are slowly catching up. But then Vincent and Herman are blocked by several trucks! Vincent tells Herman to move the trucks while he holds them off. Herman works fast as Vincent pushes back against the 2 diesels, at first it seems the diesels are winning, but Vincent proves to be a challenge for them. Then after Herman clears the trucks, he tells Vincent to go, but Vincent doesn't as he then releases his hold against the 2 diesels and all 3 engines zoom forward and crash into a shed causing a fiery explosion! The bigger diesel engine survives but the diesel shunter and Vincent aren't so lucky as Herman races away. But on his way back, Herman pulls onto a siding and can't stop thinking about Vincent, after all the things he did to him and Harley. But Harley reminds him that they have to get to Hiatt Grey Railway and warn the other engines before Marvell and her posse come. But Herman then confesses that he's afraid about what the engines will think or if they'll willing to help fight. And he's afraid they'll only turn him over to Marvell. But Harley states they won't and points out that Vincent gave his life for them because that's what engines on Hiatt Grey Railway do for each other. Marvell is surprised about Vincent, Barry, and Morgan's deaths. And the big diesel tells her that it wasn't his fault, Marvell forgives him, but now she's really determined to get her engine back and be a diesel engine again. As she orders the other diesel to gather up all diesel engines they have and they will all go to Hiatt Grey Railway, and she'll go after Herman herself.

Returning to the sheds/preparing for battle

Back at Hiatt Grey Railway, Puffer is talking with the other engines our heroes and the cats about Vincent taking Herman and Harley to the superior. But then they see Herman and Harley pull up. Puffer asks how he got away. But Herman explains that Vincent let him go and tells them about how Vincent sacrificed himself to save him. All the other engines mourned. Herman then tells them that he needs their help. And explains about Marvell coming after him with an army of diesels, and he can't face them alone. He needs their help, and if they won;t do it for the railway, then do it for Vincent. After a moment of silence, Puffer blows his whistle, who is then joined by Kevin and soon everyone blows their whistles and all cheer.

The next day, all engines rush to finish their jobs to get ready while towns near the railway line are evacuated. And, Herman puts Harley in a siding. As Marvell and her army prepare to head for Hiatt Grey Railway. While at the entrance to the other railway, Herman, Puffer, Kevin, Mighty Joe, Daylight, and some of heroes arrive. Then after a while a whistle is heard as Marvell, Mace, and a whole bunch of diesels drive in. And then Jenny along with the rest of the others shunt in some freight cars high above them. As the 2 lines face each other, Marvell looks at Herman's army and then gives her 2 options: "go with her or he, along with all of his friends will perish". Herman then states he won't take orders from a big coward. While she sits there being all superior ordering other diesels about. But the truth of the matter is that she's too weak to do things on her own and has no right to order anyone around. And if she were to engage Herman on a one-on-one duel, she would lose. Marvell then tells the other engines that Herman is arrogant and brings out Rock's body. And explains to the others about how Herman killed her. The other engines and our heroes ask if this is true. Herman sadly admits it, but he had no choice since he was attacking him. Marvell then claims that with her and the diesels can prevent anything like that from happening again if they hand over Herman.

The battle begins/the chase

But then Jenny gives a signal and all the trucks are sent flying from above and knock over the diesels and a bunch of other engines appear and ram into the diesels. As our heroes then engage the other diesels. Marvell and Mace quickly race away as Herman quickly chases after him with Puffer and Jenny tailing behind. Then when Marvell comes around the bend, she finds Harley and takes her hostage! The 3 branch line engines continue to chase Marvell and Mace but as they approach a junction, they notice the other struggling against the diesels. Herman then order Puffer and Jenny to help them while he confronts Marvell himself, after a while he soon finds them and chases after the 2 at full speed, determined to save Harley.

Marvell's death/conclusion

Soon the 4 came to a dead end at an abandon station that's close to the sea. Marvell is now very determined to get her engine back as she threatens that if Herman comes any closer, she's throw Harley into the sea. Herman calls a bluff, but Marvell pushes Harley closer to the cliff, showing she means it. She then orders him to come quietly or else. Herman agrees to it, surprising Marvell. But she monologues to Mace that Herman is weak and orders him to hold him back as they do the operation, but when she tries to move Harley holds back. And orders Mace to help but then Herman charges the 2 and couples on them and drags the 2 away and then derails Mace as he shoves Marvell right at the cliff's edge. Soon Herman arrives as Marvell that he is nothing and the others will only laugh and gawk at him and will soon abandon him, but Herman shoves her and tells her she's wrong and that they're his friends and have accepted who and what he is, and he'll fight for them. And gives her a choice of his own: "To leave with her army and never return, and if she tries anything, he'll change his mind." As Herman starts backing up Marvell then charges him but Herman charges too and then with all his strength pushes Marvell back and sends her flying right off the cliff and into the sea! Marvell then sinks down to her death. And Herman and Harley head back and find the engines in a mess but Herman soon gets it all fixed. And Herman suggests that it's time to appreciate everyone as the remaining diesels are given a chance to join Hiatt Grey Railway, as Herman and Harley look on. And Herman thanks Harley for all her encouragement as she promises to always be with him forever and ever. As The Film ends, Herman narrates that he has a new life and he's going to follow it all the way as the film ends with Harley by his side, and the credits roll in with "Respect the Wind" playing in the background.




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  7. Twister - Respect the Wind (for the end credits)

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