Hero chao render 2016 by nibroc rock-da9ea6d

Hero Chao is a type of Chao that is found in Sonic Adventure DXSonic Adventure 2, and in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

They look similar to the Neutral Chao, only with a couple of changes. Instead of light blue with yellow tips on its head, hands, and feet, it's white with blue tips, and instead of there being a tip on the top of its head, the head is round and has two small. One can evolve a chao into a Hero Chao by feeding them Hero Fruit, and raise that Chao withSonicTails, and/or Knuckles. Once they go into their first cocoon, the Chao will be a Hero Chao. The only way to get Hero Fruit, without cheats, is to buy them at the Chao Kindergarten's Black Market (only available in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Adventure DX).circles on the very top. Plus, instead of having a (not so wide) tanish-colored oval in the center of its belly like the Neutral Chao, the Hero Chao has a light yellow oval in the belly's center. It's sometimes hard to see it. Also, the B&W colors on the chao's eyes are switched from black with a white outline to white with black outline.


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