19. Hey a Movie!

Hey a Movie! is the opening number from The Great Muppet Caper.


Kermit: Wow! There'll be spectacle

There'll be fantasy

There'll be derring do

And stuff like you would never see

All: Hey! A movie!

Yeah! We're gonna be a movie!

Kermit: Starring everybody...

Fozzie: ...And me!

There'll be heroes bold!

There'll be comedy!

And a lot of fuss

That ends for us real happily

All: Hey! A movie!

Fozzie: We can watch it all develop!

Muppet Food: Starring everybody...

Gonzo: ...And me!

We'll take a world

And set it on its ear

All: Come on, join in

We're gonna start right here

(dialouge break)

Gonzo: There'll be crooks and cops!

Fozzie: There'll be villainy!

Kermit/Fozzie/Gonzo: But with us on call

We'll fix it all real easily

Monsters: Hey! A movie!

Fozzie: Wow! It's gonna be terrific!

Starring everybody...!

Nicky: And me!

(another dialouge break)

Kermit/Fozzie/Gonzo: There'll be mystery

And catastrophe

But it's all in fun

You paid the money - wait and see!

Monsters: Hey! A movie!

Sweetums: Is there any way to stop it!?

All: Starring everybody

All: Everybody

Everybody and... (vocalizing)

Kermit: Me!

Reprise lyrics

Pops: We had comedy

Scooter: We had mystery

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