After seeing Jason & Bakumaru climbing the rope at Ernie's Juice Bar, Trini reveals to Pooh And The Others, The ETO Rangers & the other Ranger teens that she is terrified of heights. Bulk and Skull show up taunting Jason & Baku, though Bulk tries to climb the rope and brings part of the ceiling down. Meanwhile, Billy creates wrist communicators with which the rangers can contact the Command Center Zordon & Aura And Nyorori Has Made Changes On Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror Since Rita & Nyanma Are Using The Time Shifters To Assist Finster & Rouran's Monsters Now Instead of Reveal The Jyarei Monsters The Mirror Reverts The Effects On Their Foreheads After Bring Back To Life By Finster's Monstermatic. On the moon, Rita & Nyanma decides to trap Our Heroes & the rangers in a time warp the same way they did Zordon In The Land of Time. Jyuken, Squatt and Baboo send a rigged toy rocket to Earth that activates the time warp. Rita & Nyanma has Finster & Rouran create the zombie-like Bones monster & sends the First time shifter named jitterbug to control the time warp. Our Heroes & The rangers are first alerted to a small group of Putties forming outside of town. Zordon & Aura sends Pooh And The Others & The ETO Rangers & the teens to defeat them, and they decide to follow Zordon & Aura's advice and try to defeat the Putty Patrol without morphing. During the fight, Billy & Nyorori gets chased to the top of a cliff, and Trini must face her fears to go up and save them. She does, and Our Heroes & the Rangers are able to send the Putties running away in defeat. Bones & Jitterbug are sent down to draw Our Heroes & the Rangers out by attacking an amusement park. The Rangers morph to confront him but are sucked into the time warp. As they fight Bones & Jitterbug-con, Jyuken, Squatt and Baboo arrive to destroy the toy rocket, which sits in the time warp as the only means of escape. The rangers defeat Bones by throwing his head into a lava pit, and despite the fact that the plan was to trap the Rangers in the time warp, Rita & Nyanma decides to send a giant to help Jitterbug-Con To Earth to shatter the time warp and attack the Rangers on Earth. Jason summons his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord & Bakumaru Summon Kirinda and manages to destroy the Giant & Jitterbug-Con And Then Bakumaru Uses His New Mode In The Revealing Mirror And Reverts The Effects Of The Monstermatic On Jitterbug. Back at Ernie's Juice Bar, Our Heroes & the Rangers and Zordon & Aura (via communicator & ETO Badge.) congratulate Trini on conquering her fears. The episode ends in comedic and fun fashion when Zack, Bakumaru, Dave & Monk, wearing skull masks, spooked Trini and climbed the rope proving that she overcame her fear of heights.


Kimberly: Hey Guys Let's See If You Do It

Zack: Time To Go Up

Bakumaru: Piece Of Cake

Bakumaru & Jason Begins To Climbs On The Ropes

Cream: Come On Boys You Can Do It

Trini: Jason, Baku Be Careful If You Slip You're Really Begins To Hurt Yourselves

Dave Felis: Come On Trini Calm Down You're Begin To Make Them Nervous

Bakumaru: Nervous

Jason: Man We're Not Begin To Make Nervous

Bakumaru: Of A Climbing

Trini: You Should Be

Trini: Guys I'm Going To Be Over There

Trini: At Least It's Down To Earth

Dave Felis: You Should Give It A Try

Trini: Are You Kidding? Uh-Uh You'll Never Catche Me Climbing Anything That High

Tigger: Say Looks Like Someone Has A Brief Case Of Height Fright

Zack: Yo Billy, Nyorori

Zack: The Main Brains What's Up

Billy: Hey Well, Actually We Do Have Some Exciting News To Disseminate

Billy: See, We Made A Significent Break Through

Bakumaru: Billy, Nyorori Heads Up

The Four Begins To Fall

Dave Felis: That Was Great Maybe Y'all Should Try Out For The Circus

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: Nah Circus Don't Take Geek Clowns

Skull Laughs

Skull: Geek Clown That's Great That Is So Funny.

Kimberly: Why Don't You Guys Just Crawl Back To The Ooze When You Came From?

Bulk: Oh, That's Funny Especially Coming From A Friend of The Monkey Man & The Mouse Boy Here.

Jason: Yeah At Least We Can Make It All The Way To The Top

Skull: Hey,Hey,Hey,hey,Hey Are You Saying That Bulk Can't Do It?

Bakumaru: You Wanna Bet

Skull: Yeah, That's What You're Saying All Right

Bulk: Step Aside And Let Me Show You And Your Friend How It's Done?

Monk: Are You Sure You Know How To Work This Thing?

Bulk: Well, What Do You Think I Am Stupid?

Pochiro: Look Who's Talking

Dave Felis: Well, You Know What They Say If The Rope Fits Climb It

Skull Laughs

Bulk Falls

Everyone Laughs

Cream: Good

Skull: Hey Bulky I Thought You Were Going Up

Bulk Tries To Climb The Rope

And Breaks The Rope And Breaks The Ceramic

Kimberly: Oh Yeah Bulk You Really Showed Us This Time Didn't You

Skull: Yeah Showed Them.

Meanwhile in Rita's Moon Palace

Rita Laughs

Rita: Pooh And His Friends And Those Power Rangers And The ETO Rangers. Are Going To Wish They Never Tangle With Us

Nyanma: Okay Rita What's The Plan This Time

Rita: We'll Trap Them In A Time Warp

Rita: The Same Way We Did Zordon In The Land Of Time And When We're Through

Nyanma: The World Is Going To Be Ours

Rita & Nyanma Evil Laughs

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Billy: See We Uh We Finally Completed

Billy: A Narrow Beam Transmision Module That Will Allow Wave Function

Billy: Over A Extended Interval

Nyorori: Well? Aren't You All Excited Nyorori?

Zack: Well Il Be As Son As I Figure Out What You Just Said

Trini: They Created A Communicaton Device Using Microwaves

Billy: Afirmative, See?

They Revealed The Wrist Communicators

Billy: We Now Have Connection To Zordon, Alpha And The Princess Aura And The Command Center

Billy: Oh Here Goes For You Bakumaru

Bakumaru: Hey My Old Trusty Revealing Mirror

Nyorori: Now Since Rita & Nyanma Are Using The Time Shifters To Assit Their Monsters I Made A Special Adjustment To The Mirror Now Instead To Revealing The Jyarei Monsters, The Mirror Will Revert The Effects Of Nyanma's Magic On The Shifters Nyorori

Billy: They Respond To Tactile Pressure Followed By Auditory Stimulus.

Trini: So What You're Saying Is That We Just Touch And Talk Like This

They Teleported

Gaou: Hey Where Did Go

Billy: Hmm, The Neutrino Power Grade Must've Cross-Molecular

And Billy And The Others Are Teleported To The Command Center

Alpha: Incoming.

All Accidently They Fall Over Alpha

Kimberly: Hey Guys!

Billy: It Appers Our Communicators Malfunctioned

Alpha: Oh Welcome Homeboys, Welcome Homegirls

Alpha: What Brings You To The Hood ?

Zack: Too Much TV

Dave Felis: Especially For A Robot

Zordon: We Command Your Latest Invention Billy.

Aura: Not Only Have You Created A Communicator

Aura: But Also You've Also Tapped Into The Command Center's Teleportation Unit

Zordon: With Proper Adjustments It Will Allow To Teleport Here

Aura: In An Emergency But Until Alpha Can Reprogram It

Zordon: It Will Serve As A 2-Way Communication Link

Zordon: Between The Command Center And Each Other From Wherever You Are

Alpha: Hmm This Is Easy I Just Have To Reflux Uh-Oh

Alpha Rapidly Is Out Of Control

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Baboo, Jyuken Is The Time Device Ready Or You Have You Messed It Up

Jyuken: We Mean, We Managed To Get It Ready

Baboo: Even This Lunkhead Slowed Us Down

Nyanma: Now Look's Ok

Jyuken: It's All Programed

Baboo: It'll Fly Down To Earth

Squatt: And Wherever It Lands It'll Open A Hole In Time

Jyuken: Finster & Rouran's Monster And The First Time Shifter Will Trap Them In The Hole

Baboo: And They're Be Gone Forever

Nyanma: It's Time To Pick A Monster And Now Time For Use A Time Shifter For Make Assitance

Rita: The Babies Which one Of Those Delightfully Hideous Creatures Are We Using Along With The Famous Time Shifters That Once That Big Mouth Of Petrafina Didn't Catch

Rouran: Ah None My Queens We're Making A New Monster Named Bones Will Be Perfect

Nyanma: He'd Better Be Gentlemen

Rita: He's So Gruesome And Ugly Just What We Wanted

Finster: Thank You My Queens

Finster: Rouran Ready For The First Shifter

Rouran: Of Course And The Chosen Is Jitterbug

Rouran Holds The Jitterbug Egg

Rouran: This Is Heavy

Rouran Puts The Stamp On Jitterbug's Egg

Finster: We'll Send Them To The Monstermatic For Full Power

Rouran: Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Are Useless Against Them

The Monstermatic Begins To Bring Back To Life Bones & Jitterbug

Nyanma: What's Taking So Long? He's Going To Be Overcooked And Jitterbug Is Going To Be A Shifter Omelet

Bones & Jitterbug Appears

Bones: I Am Bones And My Fellow Assistant Jitterbug At Your Services

Rouran: Perhaps We Should've Set The Machine of Low It Need Some Adjustments

Nyanma: All Right You Salad Brains It's Time to Launch The Time Device

Rita: And We Don't Any Mistakes

Rita: We Want Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Gone

Jyuken: So You Want Me To Launch It

Rita: Yes!

Jyuken: Of Course My Queens

Jyuken: I Just Got To Pull This Lever

Squatt: Oh Boy I Hope You Know What Are You Doing Jyuken

Jyuken: Silence Squatt

Jyuken: 3-2-1 Fire

The Rocket Is Going To Earth

Rita: Ooh Where Is That Thing We Can't Wait To Trap Pooh And His Friends And Those ETO And Power Geeks In Our Time Warp

Nyanma: Look There It Is.

The Time Device Begins To Locate Our Heroes

The Rocket Stops And Activates The Time Warp Meanwhile In The Command Center

Billy: Extreme Audio Oscilliation

Zack: What Does Indicate

The Alarm Sounds

Jason: What Is This?

Bakumaru: What's That Noise

Aura: It's Rita & Nyanma They Sent A Device To Open A Time Trap

Zordon: And The Putty Patrol Is Gathering Outside Of Town

Zordon: Find Out What They Are Up To While We Analyze The Time Device

Activating Teleportation

Jason: We're Outta Here

Bakumaru: All Right Everyone Let's GO!


They Teleport To The Location Of The Patrollers

Kimberly: I Don't Get It What Are They Doing Out Here

Jason: I Don't Know But We Better Stay Here And Keep An Eye On Them

Billy: Um I Don't Believe That's A Viable Option

Zack: What Are You Talking About?

Pakaracchi: This Is Perfect Camuflage

Souffle: It Was About 10 Seconds Ago

Kimberly: Guys We Gotta Morph

Jason: No Zordon And The Princess Said To Take Care Of Things On Our Own Before We Uses Our Powers Come On

They Begin To Fight The Putties

Rita: All Right Bones, Jitterbug Go Do Your Stuff

Bones And Jitterbug Appears On Earth

Zordon: Congratulations Power Rangers You've Done A Superb Job Dealing With The Putties

Aura: And Special Congratulations To You Trini

Aura: For Overcoming Your Fear In The Face Of Emergency

They Sound The Alarm

Zordon: Hold Your Positions Everyone

Zordon: Our Scanners Have Picked Up A New Threat

Aura: Rita & Nyanma Has Sent A Creature Named Bones And The First Of The Time Shifters Named Jitterbug Down To The Amusement Park

Aura: He Can Fire Energy Bolts Out Of His Eyes And Jump Long Distances And Make Even Dissapear

Zordon: They Probably Controls The Time Device As Well

Zordon: So Get Moving Power Rangers

Aura: It's Morphin' Time

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

The Rangers Appears


Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers.

Bones: Here Let Me Help You Get Ahead

Bones Laughs

Jitterbug: Into The Time Warp All Of You

They Begin To Fight Bones Jitterbug, And His Cronies

Jyuken Puts The Bomb

Cream: Jason, Bakumaru Look

Jason: Stop

Bakumaru: Talking About Mission Impossible But This Is Ridiculous

Trini Catches The Bone's Monster Head

Trini: So Long Bonehead

Falls The Head To The Lava

And Bones Explodes

Bakumaru: Now You're Next Jitterbug

Jitterbug: Oh Boy I'm In Bigger Trouble

Rita: We're Not Through Yet Moon, Dust, Soft & Planet

Nyanma: Send To Earth A Giant

Rita & Nyanma Laughs

And The Giant Gladiator Appears

Jitterbug: You 2 Are Going To Be Surrounded

Jitterbug: Prepare To Expierience The True Terror

Jitterbug: Jitterbug Shapeshift To JITTERBUG-CON

Jitterbug-Con & The Giant Holds Jason & Bakumaru

Jason: Put Us Down You Big Ox

Bakumaru: Man We Had Enough Of You Let Us Go

Bakumaru Uses His Saber To Slash The Giant's Hand

Jason: Princess, Zordon We Need Dinozord Power Now!


Bakumaru Uses His Badge To Call Kirinda And The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Jason: All Right Now That's What I Called Power

Jason: Let's Kick Some Giant. Come On, Partner

Bakumaru: Okay!

Jason: Morphin

Jason Activates The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Jason: Dinozord Power On

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers! Forward

They Begin To Fight

Jason: How Am We're Doing Zack!

Zack: Morphenomenal Yeah

Jason: Time To Chill These Dudes Out

Cream: Bakumaru Use The Revealing Mirror That Will Revert The Effects Of Nyanma's Magic On Jitterbug

Bakumaru: Right You Got It Cream

The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Begins His Attack

Bakumaru: My Turn

Bakumaru Holds The Revealing Mirror

Bakumaru: And My Favorite Magic Word To Activate Is


The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser And Reverts The Effects On Nyanma's Head Stamp On Jitterbug And The Stamp Is Erased And Jitterbug Is Back To Normal

Jitterbug Awakes

Jitterbug: What Happend Looks Like Have A Bad Nightmare

Jitterbug: Last Thing That I Remember That Rita & Nyanma Has The Other Shifters

Bakumaru: Don't Worry Jitterbug We'll Save Your Fellow Time Shifters Soon

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace Rita & Nyanma Are Mad

Nyanma: Oh, We've Got Such A Headache

Rita: Somebody Bring Us An Aspirine

And In The Youth Center

Billy: Uh, Speaking Of Which

Billy: Our Communicators Are Fully Funcitional Again,

Billy: Thanks To Zordon, Alpha And The Princess Aura

Nyorori: Now I Made Some Special Changes On The Revealing Mirror Now The Mirror Starts To Revert's The Effects On The Shifters Undo Rita & Nyanma's Evil Magic We Can Call The Shifters For Emergencies Nyorori

Kimberly: Cool So Like We Can Teleport And Comunicate To The Command Center With This Things

Billy: Affirmative

Kimberly: This Is So Nineties

Billy: Oh Trini I Wanted To Express Our Gratitutde

Billy: In Helping Us Out Today

Kimberly: Yeah The Way You Climbed Those Rocks Was Morphenomenal

Trini: I Guess What They Say Is True You Really Don't Know What You Can Do

Trini: Until You're Forced To Do It

Trini: I Hope I Can Be That Confident The Next Time

Zack, Bakumaru, Dave,And Monk Scares Trini

And Trini Climbs To The Rope

Bakumaru: Aah! Girl Looks Like You've Definitley Overcame Your Fear Of Hights

Everyone Laughs

Trini: Bakumaru, Zack

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