Here is how Hiro off to the Prince meeting goes in Luna and Yuna.

In the morning, Hiro, Luna and their baby filly, Yuna, were sleeping in the bedroom.

Hiro: (yawns) Good morning, Luna, My loving wife.

Princess Luna: And a good morning to you, Husband.

Baby Yuna: (sleeping in her crib in her room next door and awoke)

Princess Luna: Anything special today, Hiro?

Hiro: Today is my Prince meeting.

Princess Luna: (brushing her mane, coat and tail) And I take it Shining Armor, Flash Sentry and Blueblood are going to be here as well?

Hiro: That's right.

Princess Luna: (putting her crown on) I certainly hope it goes well.

Baby Yuna: (got out of her crib landed softly on her giant teddy bear)

Princess Luna: (putting her neck piece on) Now to go see how my little filly's doing.

Baby Yuna: (playing with her toy blocks)

Princess Luna: (putting her shoes on) I hope you'll have a great meeting, My dear.

Hiro: Thank you, Luna. I hope you and our little Yuna will have fun.

Princess Luna: Thank you.

Baby Yuna: (playing with her stuffed bunny)

Princess Luna: (opens the door to Yuna's room notice how she got out of her crib easily) Look who just woke up and got out of her crib. (picks her baby up) How's my little filly?

Baby Yuna: (giggles)

Hiro: I won't be gone long, Luna, Are you sure you're going to be alright taking care of Yuna?

Princess Luna: Of course, My dear husband, I'll see you when you get back.

Hiro: Alright, (kissed his wife) I love you.

Princess Luna: I love you too.

Hiro: Wish me luck.

Princess Luna: Best of luck to you, My love.

Hiro: I'll be back soon. (left for his meeting)

Princess Luna: Now, Are you ready for some fun time with your Mama?

Baby Yuna: (laughs in excitement)

Princess Luna: I thought so. (kissed Yuna)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (thinking) I wonder what should we do today?

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