This is how Baymax destroy goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Big Hero 6.

[Thomas gets up groaning and Baymax comes over]

Baymax: Here. Allow me. [holds up his hand and Thomas takes it]

Thomas: [as Baymax helps him up] Thanks.

Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

Thomas: Uh, five.

Ranyx: It's ok, OpThomas Prime.

Evil Ryan: Ryan?

Ranyx: Just get the mask.

Evil Ryan: I would have waited a long time for this. It's over, Alister Krei.

[But when Yokai gets up and turns around, his identity is revealed to be Robert Callaghan]

Hiro Hamada: Pro...Professor Callaghan?

Thomas: What?! But you're dead.

Robert Callaghan: No. I had Hiro's microbots.

Ranyx: But, I thought you were killed.

Thomas: But, Hiro's brother...

Robert Callaghan: Give me the mask.

Thomas: No, Callaghan. This is not the way.

Ryan F-Freeman: But Tadashi...

Hiro Hamada: He came in there to save you.

Robert Callaghan: That was his mistake!

[They stare at him for a moment]

Evil Ryan: Baymax. Exterminate Yokai.

Hiro Hamada: Baymax, destroy.

[Callaghan gasps]

Baymax: My programing prevents me from injuring a human being.

Evil Ryan: Not anymore.

[Hiro takes out Baymax's healthcare chip and tosses it on the floor]

Baymax: Hiro, this is not what...

Evil Ryan: Shut up. [punches Baymax's hatch, closing it]

[Baymax's eyes turn red]

Hiro Hamada: Do it, Baymax! Destroy him!

Evil Ryan: Exterminate him!

Thomas: [hears them] What? No!

[Ryan gasps]

Sci-Ryan: What's wrong, OpThomas?

Thomas: They've turned Baymax into a killing machine.

[Baymax fires his rocket fist at Callaghan which blows him backwards]

Brian the Crocodile: Darn. I knew this day would come, Dad.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah, no kidding.

Jean-Bob: [jumps onto Bamax's head] Baymax! Don't listen to Evil Ryan!

[Baymax just shakes him off]

Ryan and Odette: JEAN-BOB!

[GoGo tries to stop him]

GoGo: No! Stop Baymax!

Red (Angry Birds): Listen to her!

[Baymax punches Red in different body parts]

Red (Angry Birds): Beak! Wing! Tail! Ribs! [gets hit between the legs by Baymax] Chippettes...

[Baymax swats GoGo aside and goes after Callaghan]

[Callaghan backs away in horror]

[Baymax prepares to fire his rocket fist at Callaghan, but Freddy leaps onto his arm]

Evil Ryan: What have I done?

Hiro Hamada: No stop he's getting away!

[Baymax throws Freddy aside into Hiro. Callaghan retrieves his mask and escapes]

Evil Ryan: [picks up Baymax's healthcare chip] I still got a chance to correct my mistake. For PRIMUS!!!

[Baymax swats GoGo aside, pushes Wasabi away from him, and throws Freddy to a wall and looks up and prepares to fire his rocket fist at the fleeing Callaghan when he stops and his eyes return to their normal black color]

Evil Ryan: There. Is that better, Baymax?

Baymax: My healthcare protocol has been violated.

Red (Angry Birds): Ow. Megatron!!! Where are you? I'm so hurt...

[Baymax goes over to him]

Baymax: I regret any distress I may have caused.

Red (Angry Birds): Yeah. I was calling to Megatron.

Baymax: You are severally injured.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hiro? You took Baymax's healthcare chip?

Hiro Hamada: How could you do that?! I had him!

Thomas: [turns him to face him] It was for Callaghan's own good. If he'd died, Luna Girl would be sad and hearthbroken and be back for revenge just the same as Callaghan. What don't you understand about revenge?!

Evil Ryan: You got the healthcare chip out of Baymax? Hiro.... Baymax needed that.

[Ryan and Odette come to Red]

Red (Angry Birds): Ryan... Odette.... I...

Ryan F-Freeman: If you want need help, Red, ask Baymax.

Red (Angry Birds): Baymax? Can you scan me please?

[Baymax does]

Baymax: Scan complete. You have got a series of injuries on every part of your body.

[Chuck looks at Red]

Chuck (Angry Birds): You'll be okay, Red.

Hiro Hamada: I never should've let you help me! Baymax, find Callaghan!

[Baymax tries to find Callaghan, but he can't]

Baymax: My sensor has been damaged.

[Thomas glares at Hiro]

Crash Bandicoot: Extreme shocked reaction.

Ranyx: What did you say, Crash?

Xgem: How did this Hiro got angry at Ryan, Ranyx?

Ranyx: I don't know.

Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

Red (Angry Birds): Nine.

[Baymax patches him up]

Evil Ryan: This is not what we signed up for, Hiro. [points to Megatron] Like this fellow, I lost my taste for inflicting it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hiro, we can help if you just listen to us.

Mario: We get the bad guy and that's it. [to GoGo] It's that right?

[Gogo nods]

[Hiro gets on Baymax]

The gang: Hiro!

[Ranyx carries Red]

Red (Angry Birds): Ryan? Is that you?

Ranyx: My name is Ranyx. I'm his Nobody. Now come on.

Crash Bandicoot: I'm coming too.

Evil Ryan: Ranyx? I did the right thing about putting the healthcare chip back into Baymax.

Ranyx: I know you did.

Ryan F-Freeman: Why did you do that, Evil me?

Evil Ryan: It was for Callaghan's own good.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. And the reason you did it is that like Megatron, you now know the true meaning of oppression. And somehow, you have thus lost your taste for inflecting it.

Megatron: Yes.

Crash Bandicoot: I'm just worried about Callaghan's safety. Dispite his plans to make a space bridge, I did notice that there's 3 Ryans.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

[Back at Hiro's garage, Xgem opens the door and saw Ranyx carrying Red]

Ranyx: It's ok, Red. I'm here. Xgem, I need you to use your healing powers.

Red (Angry Birds): Xgem?

[Baymax and Hiro come in]

Baymax: Are you okay, Hiro?

Hiro Hamada: I'm fine. [takes off Baymax's helmet and fixes the sensor] There. Is it working?

Baymax: Yes.

Hiro Hamada: Good. Now let's...[presses the chip container but it won't open] What?

Baymax: Are you going to remove my healthcare chip?

Red (Angry Birds): Hiro? Are you ok?

Hiro Hamada: Yes. I'm fine, Red. [struggles to open the chip container] Why won't it open?

Baymax: My purpose is to heal the sick or injured.

Red (Angry Birds): Ranyx? Is this Xgem a member of Organization 13?

Baymax: Do you want me to terminate Professor Callaghan?

Hiro Hamada: That's not important. Just open your component.

Baymax: Would terminating Callaghan improve your emotional state?

Hiro Hamada: Yes! No! I don't know!

Ranyx: I don't think that is what Tadashi wants.

Hiro Hamada: Ranyx. I don't think that's helping.

Baymax: Tadashi programmed me to aid and...

Hiro Hamada: Tadashi's gone!

Red (Angry Birds): Oh my gosh. [to Xgem] Who are you? And how did Ranyx knows you?

Xgem: Because I'm Xgem. I'm his girlfriend. We're both part of Organization 13. Now, let me heal your injuries.

Red (Angry Birds): Okay.

[As she does, the gang comforts Hiro]

Evil Ryan: There, there, Hiro.

Coby: It's okay.

Lori: We feel your pain, Hiro.

Ranyx: Lori? Is that you?

Lori: Ryan? How come you got this cool black coat? [her eyes turn into pink hearts] It's so cool.

Ranyx: My name is Ranyx.

Hiro Hamada: Tadashi's gone.

Evil Ryan: Hiro. We understand. Odette's father died trying to save Odette and Sci-Ryan.

Baymax: Tadashi is here.

Red (Angry Birds): I'm sorry. What did you say, Baymax?

Baymax: Tadashi is here.

Ranyx: Yeah. Baymax is right.

Bertram T. Monkey: Just look at his chest.

[Baymax shows the gang a video of Tadashi

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