{fade to morning, outside the mansion}

O'Malley: Hey! Mee-oww! What a classy neighborhood. Dig these fancy wigwams.

Duchess: Wigwams?

O'Malley: Are you sure we're on the right street?

Duchess: Yes. Yes! Let's hurry, we're almost home.

Roquefort: Duchess! Kittens! Hallelujah! They're back! Oh, no! Edgar! I've got to do something quick!

Edgar: Edgar, old chap, get used to the finer things of life. Someday they're all going to be yours, you sly old fox.

[Roquefort ties his shoelaces together and wine cork from Edgars bottle hits Roquefort]

Roquefort: Oh, he got me!

Berlioz: Hooray! We're home!

Marie: Wait for me, wait for me! Me first! Me first!

[They hit the closed entrance and grunt]

Berlioz: It's locked.

Marie: Come on, let's start meowing.

[They meow]

Edgar spits the wine out: It can't be them!

Roquefort: The kittens! Don't come in! Go away! Away!

Toulouse: Look! There's Roquefort

Kittens: Hi Roquefort!

Berlioz: He's sure glad to see us.

Duchess to O'Malley: I don't know what to say. I only wish that I--

O'Malley: Maybe a short, sweet goodbye would be easiest.

Duchess: I'll never forget you, Thomas O'Malley. Bye.

O'Malley: So long, baby.

Roquefort to kittens: Don't come in! Look out for Edgar!

[Edgar lets them in]

Edgar: Duchess, wherever have you been?

Roquefort: Look out for the--[Edgar catches the cats]--sack.

O'Malley: Well. Guess they won't need me anymore.

Edgar: You came back. Oh. It just isn't fair.

Madame: Edgar! Edgar, come quickly.

Edgar: Coming, Madame, coming. [he throws the sack into an oven] I'll take care of you later!

Madame: Oh, Edgar, they're back, I heard them! Hurry, hurry, let them in. Duchess? Kittens? Come here, my darlings. Where are you? Come on.

Edgar: Uh, allow me, Madame. Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty! Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty!

Roquefort to cats: His name is O'what?

Duchess: His name is O'Malley. O'Malley!

Marie: Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey!

Duchess: Oh, never mind! Run! Move! Go get him!

Roquefort: Yes, yes! I'm on my way!

Toulouse: I told ya it was Edgar.

Berlioz: Aw, shut up, Toulouse.

Madame: Oh, it's no use, Edgar. I'm afraid it was just the imagination of an old lady. But I was so sure that I heard them.

Edgar: I'm so sorry, Madame.

Roquefort runs after O'Malley: Mister O'Malley! Hey! Stop! Duchess! Kittens! In trouble! Butler did it!

O'Malley: Duchess and kittens in trouble? Look, you go get Scat Cat and his gang of alley cats.

Roquefort: A-a-alley cats? But I'm a mouse!

O'Malley: Look, I'm gonna need help.

Roquefort: You mean you want me?

O'Malley: Move! Tell him O'Malley sent you and you won't have a bit of trouble.

Roquefort (in alley): No trouble he said. Well, that's easy for, uh, for what's-his-name to say. He's got nine lives, I've only got one.

Scat Cat: What's a little swinger like you doin' on our side of town?

Roquefort: Oh please! Uh, I was sent here for help by a cat.

Scat Cat: This is outrageous! This is crazy!

[Cats laugh]

Roquefort: B-but honest! He told me just to mention his name.

Russian Cat: So? Start mentioning name, rodent.

Roquefort: Oh, now, wait a minute, fellas. D-d-don't rush me. His name is O'Toole.

Scat Cat: I don't dig him. Strike one.

Roquefort: Oh, ooh, O'Brien.

Scat Cat: Strike two.

Roquefort: Oh, boy, You believe me, don't you?

English Cat: Keep talkin', mousy.

Roquefort: How about O'..Grady?

Scat Cat: Mousy, you just struck out. Any last words?

Roquefort: Why did I listen to that O'Malley cat?

Scat Cat: O'Malley!

All: O'Malley!

Scat Cat: Hold it cats! This little guy's on the level.

Roquefort: You're darn tootin' I'm on the level!

Italian Cat: Oh, We didn't mean-a to, to rough a-you, squeaky!

Roquefort: Don't worry about me! O'Malley needs help! Duchess and kittens are in trouble!

[Cats run]

Scat Cat: Come on cats, we gotta split!

Roquefort: Hey, wait for me! You don't know the way!

{cut to stables}

Edgar: Now, my little pesky pets. You're going to travel first class. In your own private compartment. All the way to Timbuktu. And this time, ha, you'll never come back. Oh, no, we've got to hurry. The baggage truck will be here any moment now.

[O'Malley and Frou-frou start fighting Edgar, then the other cats join in]

O'Malley to Roquefort: Over there! They're in the trunk!

[Roquefort tries to open the code lock]

Roquefort: QUIET!!

[He unlocks the lock and then the fight continues]

O'Malley: Everybody, outta here, fast!

Edgar: You're going to Timbuktu if it's the last thing I do!

[The fight ends with Edgar in the trunk]

Truck driver: Well, Mac, this must be the trunk, eh?

Mac: Yup, and she goes all the way to Timbuktu. Heave.. ho!

Toulouse snarls and hisses: Meow!

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