This is how Homecoming goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime: The Movie.

[At Autobot Outpost Omega One]

Ratchet: There's something wrong.

Thomas: You're telling us.

Princess Celestia: We have to find them.

Princess Luna: Let us go, Ratchet!

Starlight Glimmer: We won't take long guys.

Trixie Lulamoon: Right.

[unknown location]

Arcee: Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Arcee! You okay?

Arcee: Yeah. You?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

[Insecticons arrive to capture Rainbow Dash]

Arcee: Rainbow Dash, get behind me.

[After Arcee defeats the Insecticons, Airachnid arrives.]

Arcee: Airachnid.

Airachnid: Arcee, so glad you could bring your pet.

Rainbow Dash: I am not a pet!

Arcee: What do you want, Airachnid?

Airachnid: I want to bring the bearer of the Element of Loyalty to my leader.

Arcee: If you want her, come and get her.

[Arcee and Airachnid fight. After Arcee defeats Airachnid, she tries to escape with Rainbow Dash, but Arcee rescues her]

Arcee: Rainbow Dash, are you okay?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

[Cliffjumper arrives]

Cliffjumper: Hey, 'Cee.

Arcce: Hey, Cliff.

Rainbow Dash: How is he alive?

Cliffjumper: Got revived.

Arcee: Good to know.

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