This is how Hong Kong Battle goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[We then see Hong Kong]

[We then see King Sombra with an angry look]

King Sombra: I'm seriously mad we're not getting paid for this.

Tirek: Well, at least we get to kill him. They're not getting away while I can track them. [pulls out a device] Some genius, thinks he can outrun the EIA.

[Cut to the car]

Princess Celestia: Fancy Pants, how lethal is that bomb?

Fancy Pants: I'm not sure. Let me check.

[He pulls out his phone]

[Cut to Discord and some FPI employees playing around with the Transformium]

Discord: I love this! This is so good. [hears his phone buzzing] Oh, hang on. [pulls out his phone] I'm getting a text from the boss in Hong Kong. [reads it] "Need to know the Seed's estimated blast range."

Employee: Duh.

[We then see the car Celestia, Fancy Pants, and Siren Song stop the car for]

Princess Celestia: I'm gonna draw them away. Get that thing somewhere safe.

[She drives off, with Siren Song and Fancy Pants running off and encountering a motorcyle driver]

Siren Song: [speaks to the driver in Mandarin]

Motorcycle Driver: [replies in Mandarin]

Fancy Pants: Killers are coming! Killers are coming!

[Siren Song shuts him up as the motor cycle driver agrees]

[They get on]

Siren Song: I need a raise. I need a raise.

Fancy Pants: Yeah, sure, whatever you want.

[They drive off]

[We see that Tartarus Wind is not falling for it]

Fancy Pants: Death is on our tail! Death is on our tail!

[They drive into a tunnel]

[Tirek and Sombra get out of the car]








[Fancy Pants answers his phone]

Fancy Pants: Like a tactical nuke. [