This is how Hot Rod's, Kup's and Ryan's trial and Hunger goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of The Transformers: The Movie.

[At the trial]

Quintesson Judge: Before the superior magestic delivers the verdict, would you like to beg for your lives? It sometimes help but not often.

Kup: I can't transform.

Ryan F-Freeman: Keep trying. I'll try and summon my Keyblade.

Quintesson: Silence, or you'll be held contempt of this court.

Ryan F-Freeman: I got nothing, BUT, contempt for this court.

Hot Rod: Yeah. What Ryan said.

Quintesson Judge: Guilty or innocent.

Quintesson: Innocent.

[Ryan and his two friends get dropped and the rings hold them disappear. They fall into the water]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's a good thing we can go underwater.

Hot Rod: They got more Sharkticons then we have photon charges.

Kup: Then, let's hold a demolition durby. [to Ryan] You ready for it, Ryan. Be sure to summon your allies.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Matau and his bandmates can do some musical acompliment. Super Cat Speed!

[Ryan starts running as fast as Sonic and Hot Rod and Kup transform. As they outrun the Sharkticons, Hunger by Spectre General starts playing]

So if I get what I want, I just gonna take it~

If it's against the law, you can bet I break it~

My needs for speed give me the will to survive~

The thrill of the fight keeps me alive~

Oh, I can't believe my eyes~

[Ryan and his two friends get out to the floor and Ryan uses his cards to summon Ryan-Ko, Sonic, and Shadow]

Sonic: Whoa. Where are we?

Shadow the Hedgehog: Whatever this planet is, Ryan can help us.

Hot Rod: Nice to see you, guys.

Ryan-Ko: Yeah. But, here come of those fish, bad robots. [slashes the Shakticon to bits with his claws]

[Kup picks up the tail]

Hot Rod: We cannot hold them off forever, guys, but we can give them a humongous repair bill.

[They start fighting]

Quintesson Judge: Execute them!

[The door slams on the Judge and Sci-Ryan and the Dinobots go in]

Slag: Excuse me.

Sci-Ryan: I want to fight.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock agree with you, Sci-Ryan.

[Sci-Ryan fights off a few Sharkticons with his Keyblade. Wheelie fires his slingshot at one and Grimlock roars. Swoop flies and knocks the Sharkticons down]

Hot Rod: Well. I am happy to see those bozos and the Shadowbolt.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock no bozo, me king!

Quintessson: Sharkticons, execute them!

[The Sharkticons transforms to robot mode. Sci-Ryan and Grimlock make an earthquake]

Grimlock: Me Grimlock say execute them. [points at the Quintessons]

[The Sharkticons look at each other and do what Grimlock told them]

Sci-Ryan: You know. I think the problems on this planet of Quintessa will be solved so shortly.

Ryan-Ko: What about our problems, round-eyes? We need a ship.

Wheelie: You get ship if find your trip.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello, little guy. What is your name?

Sci-Ryan: His name is Wheelie.

Grimlock: Him friend.

Sonic the Hedghog: Hi. I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedghog.

Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Ryan-Ko: I am Ryan-Ko. The Kung Fu Master of Friendship.

Ryan F-Freeman: Name's Ryan. Sari's brother and the Prime-Prince of Friendship. I was wondering if you know how to find a ship.

Wheelie: Ship stair. Over there.

[They look at a ship]

Kup: That's a ship?

Ryan-Ko: Who knows? As long as it still flies.

Matau T. Monkey: My bandmates and I are coming along as well, Kup.

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