Hot Rodney

Hot Rodney

Hot Rodney is a character from the CITV TV show, Dream Street.


Hot Rodney is a hot-rod car who has been known for his heroic deeds with Buddy the Tow-Truck, Daisy Do-Right, Jack Hammer and all his other Dream Street buddies. When Ryan and the gang come out of the portal into the Dream Street world, he immediately starts thinking of ways to impress the gang so he can join. But some of his so called 'ideas' are reckless and brash and often get him or someone else into trouble. But whenever Hot Rodney finds himself in a fix, he can always count on Buddy and his magic to get him out of it. Hot Rodney is a b


  • Hot Rodney will meet Ryan and the gang in Ryan's Dream Street Adventure.
  • Hot Rodney will help Ryan and the gang gather the Foundaion Elements in

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