Hovis is Mrs. Cramdilly's butler and currently watches after the cats and collects his measly paychecks (which Mr. Blik signs). He's not exactly thrilled about his new situation, but he hails from a long line of butlers who have served in the house and he honestly believes he's got nowhere else to go. So Hovis puts up with the fact that the former pets have become his masters. Blik barks out orders constantly, Gordon treats him as an equal and Waffle hasn't quite figured out he's not a pet anymore (he still asks Hovis to be let out and scratched behind his ears). His birthday is April 14, 1982, as seen in "Love Jackal."


Hovis is the cats' butler and caregiver. He looks after the cats, but sometimes, he wishes that he had a different career. He almost never looks on the bright side.


Hovis is a rather tall man. He has peach colored skin and his main outfit consist of a black jacket with a black tie, and long khaki pants. He has stubble above his upper lip and he is balding but has some black hair on the back of his head.


Hovis has appeared in most episodes of Catscratch. His first appearance was in To The Moon. His last appearance was in Duck and Cover.


  • He seems to be a parody of Alfred Pennyworth who appears as a butler in the Batman series.
    • They both have English accents.
    • They both have numerous sets of useful skills.
    • They both are bald with some black hair. (Although Alfred's hair varies between black and grey)
    • They both exhibit numerous occasions of sarcasm.
    • They are both butlers who served two generations of a family.