Hubert J. Farnsworth

Hubert J. Farnsworth (born April 9, 2841), better known as Professor Farnsworth or the Professor, is the proprietor of the Planet Express delivery service. Professor Farnsworth is pushing the limits of even the 31st century at the old agе of 138.

Professor Farnsworth is one of six living relatives of Fry, together with his own clone, Cubert, as well as his only son by means of his sexual relations with Mom while he worked for her, Igner, Farnsworthhas a brother named Floyd, also Farnsworth's parents are still alive. He is Fry's ×30 nephew. Though never stated, he is therefore logically the descendant of Fry's only sibling, his brother Yancy Fry, Jr. However, since it is revealed that Fry is his own, and therеfore Yancy's, grandfather due to his time-traveling exploits, Professor Farnsworth is logically in fact Fry's direct descendant via his brother/grandson Yancy. So the six include: himself, Cubert, Igner, Floyd, Velma and Ned Farnsworth.


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