Hugs tramway diesel
is a Tramway diesel that works on the Cartoon World Railway.


She is painted purple all over. Hugs may have a girly name but she's really a tomboy. She also has a crush on T.C. and often calls him "T". She's also helped Rarity understand, if you wanna get any kind of job done, then you'll have to get your hooves, buffers, or hands dirty while doing so.


Dislike over tractors

She also has a dislike to tractors because she was taking a small train through a farmway track. Many horses, trucks, and plows had to cross the track but they knew to let her past first. But one farmer was driving his tractor with a load of cabbages, watermelons, and a few other organic foods. But he didn't know Hugs' timetable, his tractor was just partly across when she was coming up the line. She wasn't going very fast but she couldn't avoid a colission, because the trucks' weight caused me to have too much momentum. Plus, she didn't have a brakevan and the tracks were slick from mud, so she couldn't stop. she slid on and hit the tractor just before it cab. She had pushed the tractor just 10ft form where it was from the crossing, the trailer had come unhooked from the colission. The tractor only had a few dents and popped tire. But the tractor totally jacked up her cowcatcher, which was so broken that you could see under it and her buffers had come off her front. Later, they found out that the teenage driver was listening to his music so he couldn't hear her coming. She didin't alway have a liking to tractors since then but soon she began to trust Terence, Travis, and Trevor.

Involvment with Rachel

Hugs also has a involment with Rachel. Because Rachel likes T.C. too which makes her and Rachel have a fight or crazy arguments. They will also sometimes compete, [simalar to how Applejack and Rarity do] but Mighty Joe blows his whislte as loud as he could, to break it up. But the 2 still don't always see eye to eye. And when our heroes are at war they always do a kill count together.

Main Weaponry

  • M4A1 carbine
  • Purple lightsaber


  • Hugs is a diesel created by Stuingtion himself.
  • Hugs is the oppsite of Rachel


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