This is how Human Fluttershy meets Fixit goes in Pilot, Part 1.

[Human Fluttershy is playing with the woodland creatures when she sees something]

Human Fluttershy: What is that?

[Human Fluttershy approaches the Alchemor from the trees]

Human Fluttershy: H... hello?

[She creeps around a corner of the crashed ship and backs into Fixit]

Fixit: [screams]

Human Fluttershy: [screams]

Fixit and Human Fluttershy: [scream]

[Human Fluttershy ducks behind a stasis pod and peeks out]

[Fixit slowly moves towards her]

Fixit: I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to yell!

Human Fluttershy: That's okay.

Fixit: What are you?

Human Fluttershy: I'm a human.

Fixit: I'm a Mini-con.

Human Fluttershy: Oh, my. This place is a mess. Here. Let me help you.

Fixit: Thanks but I can handle it myself.

Human Fluttershy: But you need an extra set of hands. [to the woodland creatures] Uh, I think we need some help guys.

[The woodland creatures approach and start cleaning up the mess]

Fixit: How did you do that?

Human Fluttershy: I have the ability to talk to animals and I'm good with them. That's my special gift. The three butterflies on my skirt prove it. And that's not the only things special about me. [plays her tambourine and ponies up] I get pony ears, wings, a mane and a ponytail representing a pony's tail.

Fixit: Whoa. That is rather impressive.

[Fixit stares at Human Fluttershy for a moment and then realizes something]

Fixit: Wait. We act, talk and think the same. We have a lot in common.

Human Fluttershy: Really?

[Fixit nods]

[Human Fluttershy smiles and shows him her geode necklace]

Human Fluttershy: This is what gave me my ability to speak to animals.

[Fixit looks at the geode]

[Human Fluttershy smiles at him]

[Fixit smiles back]

Fixit: It's kind of you to be helping.

Human Fluttershy: I like to help others.