Here is how Rarity's human version is making her dancing skills in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(After doing "Life is a Runway" music video)

Human Rarity: (have an idea) Idea!

(Human Rarity put on her Rainbooms outfit)

Human Rarity: Let's dance.

(Human Rarity got a great big paper, and got a pencil to draw, and gets ready to make footprints to make dancing skills mat)

Human Rarity: (looked down at her footprints and see a stain on her boots) Oh my!

(Human Rarity placed her pink heeled shoes on the paper and then, the footprints are shaped like her footprints.)

Human Rarity: Okay. Fabulous.

(The pink heeled shoes helped her dance, it felt wonderful.)

Human Rarity: That's better.

(Rarity got her pink and blue pantyhose, part of her Rainbooms outfit.)

Human Rarity: (checking her shoes by tip dancing)

(The bottom of her shoes were tapping away as she danced)

Human Rarity: Oh my.

(And so, Rarity stepped on an ink pad and began "Life is a Runway" moves.)

Human Rarity: (looked at her feet) I'm getting the hang of this.

(Each step, she danced away till the music has stopped.)

Human Rarity: Oh dear. We'll time for the next song.

(Later, Rarity cleaned her floor, in a flash. She put on the song "Smooth Crimina by Michael Jackson", and started to dance again)

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