This is how Hunter meets Starscream goes in The Great Deceptitrain Battle.

[Hunter walks along the road]

Hunter: Con found it. That Thomas is messing up my plans.

Starscream: [off-screen] I know how you feel, Hunter and I can help with something.

Hunter: Huh? Who said that?

[Starscream steps out of the shadows]

Starscream: I did, Hunter. Plus, I know how you feel.

Hunter: Who are you?

Starscream: I'm Starscream. Megatron's second in command. And you must be Hunter.

Hunter: Yes. That's me. And a certain Train-Prime is always in the way of my plans.

Starscream: You mean OpThomas Prime?

Hunter: Yes.

Starscream: The Cyberlings are gone to the good side by the Prime-prince of Friendship.

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