Hpyno Go Go
Season 1, Episode 5a
Hpyno Go Go
Written by LegoKyle14 & Magnom47
Directed by LegoKyle14
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Here is episode 9th for season 1 from Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. Here's the transcript.

The Beginning

(The Scene opens up with Mrs.Beady being hypnotized)

  • Mrs.Beady: "Vine-Hilda", queen of the jungle, stalks her her wiley prey. Suddenly she pounces.

(She screams swings on a vine and grabs Mr.Beady.)

  • Mr. Beady: WHOA.

(Otis and Pig are Laughing)

  • Otis: Ah, this is great.
  • Pip: Dude, that new hypnosis kit is hilarious (Chuckles). Where'd you get it?
  • Otis: It was free with the DVD player I bought off The Gophers. I just wave the hypno watch in front of people's faces and they're like putty in my hands.

(Cosmo come in)

  • Cosmo: Hey, guys, what are you doing?
  • Pip: Oh, hey, Cosmo, Otis got a hypnotizing watch.
  • Cosmo: Neat.

(Back to Mr-Mrs. Beady)

  • Mr. Beady: No, put me down, help...
  • Mrs. Beady: Tonight, we do the monkey dance!
  • Mr. Beady: Not the monkey dance.
  • Otis: But I gotta be careful. The power to impose my will on others is not to taken lightly.
  • Pip: Whatever. Wanna go back and mess with people's heads?
  • Otis: Thought you'd never ask.

(Cuts to Pig and Pooh eating lunch)

  • Pig: Mmm, ooh, These burritos should hold us until snack time.
  • Pooh: Let's dig in.

(Otis comes in and hypnotized Pooh and Pig)

  • Otis: You don't want to eat those burritos, guys.
  • Pig: Oh.
  • Pooh: Swirly.
  • Otis: You want to dance to lead role in the famous ballet, "Pig lake."
  • Cosmo: And Pooh, everything you see is made of honey.

(Pig dances ballet and Pooh eats mud thinking its honey)

(The three laugh and as Bessie comes in)

  • Bessie: Otis, where do you come off hypnotizing people? I'll mesmerize you.
  • Otis: Whatever you say, perky high school cheerleader.

(Bessie turn into a cheerleader)

  • Bessie: We're number one. Can't be number two. We're gonna beat the whoopee out of you.

(Otis Pip and Cosmo Laughing)

  • Otis: Wow, men, a cow could really get use to this.
  • Pip: Look guys, the farmer.

(The farmer's truck pulls up)

  • Pip: Make him think he's a Danish supermodels.
  • Cosmo: With Churros.
  • Otis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I could never do that. The farmer is my dear, dear friend.
  • Pip: Whoo, I guess that we're safe.
  • Cosmo: Well, for now.
  • Otis: Why, f course you guys are pip... SLEEP!

(Cosmo and Pip fall asleep)

  • Otis: (Laughs) I'll feel guilty about this tomorrow. But that's hours away.

(cuts to a few hours later)

  • Abby: (thinks she's a pirate) Avast, ye swabbies. I'll take y'all on 'fore I give the jolly cub muncher. Right, faithful parrots?
  • Pip: (Squawks) Polly wants an anchovies pizza.
  • Piglet: Me want gold and jewels.
  • Sunset Shimmer: That treasure is as good as ours.
  • Rabbit: Yeah, what she said.
  • Bessie: Move to the left, move it to the right. Come on badgers, fight, fight, fight

(Pig is still a ballet dancer and Pooh is still thinking the mud is honey)

  • Duke: (thinking he's a microwave sitting on a chicken) I'm one of the finest microwaves on the market. "Ping." Let me tell you something, you need another 30 seconds.
  • Tigger: I am the train bandit Tigger with no name.
  • Eeyore: Hello I' Eeyore, and I love honey.

(Eeyore eats lot of honey)

  • Freddy: You have dishonor my temple for the last time, white rooster.
  • Peck: It is you brings much shame, whiskered one.
  • Cosmo: Your going to wish you haven't came here!
  • Wanda: Bring it Mama's Boy!

(The four begin to fight and Freddy and Peck eventually fall into the basement, and Cosmo and Wanda not)

  • Otis: Listen up everybody. When I clap my hooves you will be henceforth be un-hypnotized. (Claps his hooves) (Chuckles) Aw, I hate that That's was so much fun.

(Otis Leaves) 

(Everyone getting un-hypnotized) 

  • Abby: Why am I wearin' a eye patch? 
  • Duke: Why am I sittin' on a chicken? 

(Chicken got mad at Duke)  

  • Cosmo: Why are we fighting again? It's our Anniversary, again?  
  • Wanda: No clue. 
  • Pooh: (spits out the mud) Oh bother. 
  • Eeyore: Wait, why I'm eating honey? And why I'm wearing a red shirt?  
  • Sunset Shimmer: Well, it's nice on you.  
  • Pip: Well, I hate give up my best friend but Otis got a hypnotis kit from The Gophers and has been using it to mess with our minds. 
  • Tigger: (gasp and gibbers) What?! 
  • Piglet: What?!  
  • Pooh: What?! 
  • Rabbit: What?! 
  • Eeyore: Huh?! 
  • Cosmo and Wanda: What?! 
  • Bessie: That watch swinging moron. Let's give him a taste of his own stupity. 
  • Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, let's get him! 
  • All: Yeah. 

(Later that day, Otis is watching a movie)  

  • Otis: Ah, time to relax with my brand-new compact DVD. Well, let's see, nerd movie... Vampire movie, Nerd/Vampire movie. Here we go. "Fighty Hands," The gritty boxing tale of Heavy weight champ Jefferson Ali Farmer." Whoo-hoo.  

(Otis start the film) 

(later that night, he's still watching that movie)  

[Crowed Roars]  

  • Man Voice: And a roundhouse, and an upper cut. Destroy him.  

(The others watching and spying him)  

  • Pooh: Rabbit?  
  • Rabbit: Shh....  
  • Pooh: It's this really necessary?  

(Piglet and Tigger comes pop out)  

  • Sunset Shimmer: Doesn't anyone see the watch?  
  • Wanda: There it is.  
  • Pig: I see it, too. I'm going in. 
  • Cosmo: Good lock.  

(Pip got the watch and Otis stop him)  

  • Otis: I don't think so.  
  • Tigger: Well, that didn't work.  
  • Pip: Um, we weren't trying to steal your watch so we could hypnotize you to get revenge, if that's what you're thinking.  
  • Cosmo: Well, try to hyp-. 

(Wanda turns his mouth and turn him to stone)  

  • Sunset Shimmer: Well, what Cosmo is really gonna say, is we just wanted to know what the time it was.  
  • Duke: Yeah. hey, Pip, what time is it there?  
  • Pip: Oh, it's a quarter past... let's get out of here!  
  • Tigger: Make a break for it!

(They run off)  

  • Otis: (Chuckling) Oh, watch, it's just you and me. And I'm not letting you out of my sight. Why would I? I mean, you're so round and pretty and shiny and... wavy...ahh...  

(Otis got hypnotize himself)  

  • Man Voice: Now listen, up kid. You gotta do exactly what I say.  
  • Otis: Do exactly what you say.  
  • Man Voice: You got Farmer on the ropes, he's ready to fall. When you hear the bell, destroy farmer.  
  • Otis: When I hear the bell destroy farmer. Destroy farmer.  

(He fell a sleep)  

The Middle

(the next morning)

  • Otis: (Whistling) Hey, pippo, I had the weirdest dream last night.
  • Pip: Otis, farmer's coming.

(farmer feeds the chickens)

  • Farmer: Chickens... Come and get it.

(Farmer rings a triangle)

(Otis becomes hypnotized)

  • Otis: (trancelike) When I hear the bell destroy Farmer.

(Otis takes a axe)

  • Abby: Uh, otis?
  • Sunset Shimmer: What's he doing?
  • Otis: Destroy Farmer.

(He chops a rope that was attached to a haystack)

  • Rabbit: Save him Abby!
  • Abby: (gasp)

(Abby pushed the farmer out of the way)

  • Farmer: Oh, bad cow, bad cow.
  • Pip: Whoa, dude? What was that all about?

(Otis got back to his self)

  • Otis: (muttering) Huh? Uh, oh, hey, Pip.
  • Tigger: are you ok?
  • Abby: Otis, you almost smashed the farmer.
  • Otis: What are you guys talking about? You have got quite an imagination there, missy. Hey, has anyone seen the take out menu?
  • Abby: Guys, you don't suppose...
  • Pip: no way.
  • Abby: but what if?
  • Pip: We lost the take out menu?
  • Pooh: I guess we could order from memory.
  • Pip: Yeah, Pooh. Pig probably remember most of the...
  • Abby: No, what if he hypnotized himself?
  • Pip: Oh, that "what if"?
  • Tigger: I think the Farmer's in big trouble.

(Cuts to Viewer Mail Scene)

  • Pig: Hey everybody... it's time to answer some of today's viewer mail. Here's on from Rico, age 11. "Dear pig, Today's show is about hypnosis. Is hypnosis real? What does it smell like? Am I hypnotized right now?" Well, Rico, the answer is yes. (pull out chart) Here's how hypnosis works. A watch is swung over your eyeballs causing them to become swirly. The swirliness then travels down to the pancraus to the brain where's it stored in the cooler til it's cold. Soon tiny hypnosis monkeys are released into the galenia. And bingo. You my friend are hypnotized. I will now eat my pointer.

(Ends that scene, Later that night)

  • Man Voice: Now listen, up kid. You gotta do exactly what I say .When you hear the bell, destroy farmer.
  • Abby: Oh, no.
  • Piglet: This cant be good.
  • Abby: Any time here hears a bell, he's gonna attack the farmer. We gotta do something.
  • Pip: You're right... As soon as the movie's over. How much do you figure those big screens cost anyway?
  • Sunset Shimmer: Come on, Pip!

(Abby grab Pip)

  • Pip: Hey!

(the next morning)

  • Farmer: Darn electric fence. On the blank again.
  • Duke: I dismantle the doorbell.
  • Pig: I turn off the cell phones.
  • Abby: I took down the wind chimes.
  • Sunset Shimmer: We got all the triangles and whistles.
  • Tigger: That was a close one.
  • Piglet: Where Freddy and Peck?

(Freddy and peck are still fighting and freddy bangs a gong)

  • Pip: Oh, man.
  • Eeyore: Not good.

(Otis got hypnosis, again)

  • Otis: Destroy Farmer.
  • Duke: he's heading for the electric fence.
  • Pip: he's going to char broil the farmer.
  • Cosmo: Do something!
  • Abby: I'm on it.
  • Otis: Destroy Farmer Destroy Farmer.

(Abby save farmer, again)

  • Farmer: I must be putting to much riboflavin in thier feed. Makes 'em jumpy.

(Otis turns back him self, again)

  • Otis: What am I doing here?
  • Duke: Otis, you've hypnotized yourself to destroy the farmer.
  • Pip: It's true, he was almost a Farmer-Flambé.
  • Wanda: We saw you do it.
  • Otis: Guys, ok, if your trying to mess with my head you're gonna have to be do way better than that. Oh, and keep an eye out for the Farmer. He doesn't look so hot.

(Otis is trying to destroy Farmer, all day, and later that day)

  • Abby: Aww...
  • Sunset Shimmer: Well what did you find?
  • Abby: The only one who snap him out of of it is the same person who hypnotized him.
  • Bessie: Well, that's impossible. It was some actor in a old movie.
  • Rabbit: Yeah, he'll be dead by now.
  • Tigger: Or working on a new movie.
  • Pig: Maybe he made another movie called "Please don't destroy the farmer."

(Everyone's mad at Pig)

  • Pig: Well, I don't hear you guys coming up with anything.
  • Abby: It say if we don't snap him out of hit he'll just keep trying till he succeeds.
  • Piglet: What do we do, Pooh?
  • Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, what should we do?
  • Pooh: (Thinking) You know, if Otis's trying to destroy the Farmer, maybe we can make him, that he think he did destroyed the farmer.
  • Pip: Yeah, that he thinks he already did it.
  • All: Hmm...
  • Pig: why are we all going "hmm?"
  • Duke: Not sure, just play along.
  • Tigger: I got it.

The Ending

(the next day, Farmer is make cheese with a machine)

  • Pip: All clear, let's dot it.
  • Tigger: Ok, and... GO!

(Pig and Cosmo rings the bells)

(Again, Otis go hypnosis)

  • Otis: Destroy farmer. (He walk to the Farmer) Destroy Farmer. Destroy Farmer.

(it stop that scene and cut the "Viewer Mail Clip")

  • Pig: Hey, Folks, viewer mail time again. Oh, here's one from Sally, age 14. "Dear Pig... Aren't you interrupting the story at the most suspenseful part?" Well, the answer is "Yes", Sally. Yes, I am. Keep those cards and letters coming.

(The clip and right back to action)

  • Otis: Destroy Farmer.

(He throw Farmer down into the machine and and Otis is un-hypnotized)

  • Otis: What did I just do? Oh, no, they were telling the truth. No! (He run down and find the Farmer) Farmer, are you in there? Farmer... (Screaming...) Are you ok? Don't swallow. That is a lot of cholesterol.

(Cosmo and Pig make more noise)

  • Otis: Guys, what are you doing? Can't you see I've turned the Farmer into an enormous stick of butter
  • Tigger: Yes! We did it!
  • Pip: Yep, he's cured.
  • Pig: Uh, never say "Cure" to a pig.
  • Abby: Otis, it's just a mannequin.
  • Sunset Shimmer: We used it to shock you out of your hypnosis.
  • Pooh: And now, you won't hurt the farmer, anymore.
  • Piglet: yeah, we're just helping you, Otis.
  • Otis: You mean I didn't... Then he isn't... So he's not...
  • Abby: Nope, see?

(She shows hime that Farmer is alive)

  • Otis: Whoo-Hoo.

(Otis runs outside)

  • Rabbit: Looks it that's over, for now.
  • Bessie: Yeah. Hey, maybe he'll forget where he's running and just keep going. Isn't that a nice thought?
  • Tigger: No.
  • Bessie: He'll just keep running and running and running and never come back. I hope that happens.
  • Wanda: I wonder if happens to Cosmo, too.
  • Cosmo: What?
  • Wanda: Oh, nothing.
  • Eeyore: It figures.

(Otis made to to the Farmer, and he's going to fast)

  • Farmer: Oh, not again.

(He grab him up)

  • Otis: Farmer, I can't believe you're not butter. (Grunts, bones crack) I promise I'll never fool with hypnotism again.
  • Farmer: Taking Cow.
  • Otis: Maybe this one last time.

(Otis hypnosis the Farmer)

  • Farmer: Pretty watch.