This is where I'm a human, looking at school and this strange world goes Thomas' Human Adventure.

[On the other side, Thomas gains consciousness and looks around]

Percy: Uh, Thomas?

Thomas: Huh? Percy! You're not suppose to– Percy? Are you a... Human?

Percy: I... think so. But I guess you're a human as well.

Thomas: WHAT?!

[Thomas looks at his hands and realizes his hands aren't metal]

Thomas: [screams and then clamps his mouth shut]

Percy: Thomas, you've got to keep it together.

Thomas: [heavy breathing] [sigh] Percy, what... does the rest of me look like?

Percy: Um, like you. Only not you. But you might want to look in the mirror.

[Thomas looks in the mirror and gasps, realizing he has muscles]

Thomas: Are those muscles? [panics]

[Just as he is about to scream again, Percy quickly covers his mouth]

Percy: Are you going to scream again?

[Thomas shakes his head for 'No']

Percy: Where are we?

[They look at their surroundings]

Thomas: I don't know. But I think this mirror serve as the gateway back to Cybertron. We need to find the Matrix ASAP and get back there. So, let's look in the castle first.

Percy: Good idea. But look on the bright side. You don't have those pesky wings to worry about anymore.

Thomas: My wings? They're gone!

Percy: Just don't worry! You'll get used to it. [helps Thomas to his feet]

Thomas: Thanks, Percy.

[Thomas and Percy make their way to the steps clumsly. A guy walks by with his dog and waves at them. They walk to the doors]

Thomas: Whoa!

Percy: Ok, let's go inside.

[They step inside and look around]

Thomas: Wow, this is very nice.

Percy: Can you believe this, Thomas? Other artifacts that he stole from Cybertron.

[They get a glimpse of Thomas' new body in a window]

Thomas: So this is a human body? Great!

[Suddenly, the bell rings and hundreds of humans come pouring in. The two manage to get out into the corridoor where Thomas collaspses in front of a girl who looks exactly the E2 Tank Engine Thomas saw the day before]

Jenna: Whoa! Are you okay?

Thomas: Yeah! I'm fine! Don't you worry!

Percy: I don't think this is a castle.

Thomas: [after Jenna helps him to his feet] I get what you mean.

[He Continue to Discover as he Sings This Strange World]

Thomas: I've never seen a place

That's quite like this

Everything is turned around

This crazy world is upside-down

Getting on my feet It's the hand that I was dealt

But I don't have much time with them

Got to learn all that I can

[They look at the classroom]

Thomas: They don't use any magic or fly with any wings

I don't get these funny clothes

Skinny legs or tiny nose

Everything confusing when it seems so new

But I look a little close and it starts to feel familiar too

What a strang new world (Strange new world)

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this strange new world (Strange new world)

Sorting through the small details of this strange new world

What a strange new world

[The song ends as he hears a boy speaking to another one]

Thomas: Did you hear something?

Percy: Maybe we can check it out.

[The two peak around the corner and see a silver boy cornering a blue boy]

Thomas: Uh-oh!

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