I Want It All is a song from Barbie and the Secret Door.


There's nothing that's more tragic than a princess without magic And so I must take what I need from you It may seem an imposition, but, hello, I'm on a mission There's no one who can stop me and there's nothing you can do

I want it all, I want it now Don't tell me no, just tell me how You see this crown? It means bow down What I want is really very small: I want it all That's all

Getting more magical every day (la, la, la, la la) I'm totally taking my breath away (yeah) I know that you're gonna feel okay Because it's better for me

I want it all, I want it now Don't make it small, just make it 'wow' Life has its dings, ooh, thanks for the wings But you'll still get around 'cause you can crawl I want it all

Can't wait til we find the unicorns 'Cause there's so much magic inside their horns It's gonna be like I have been reborn When all the magic's mine Mine, mine

I want it all, I want it now So just relax, don't have a cow It is my fate to be so great For me to rise you're gonna have to fall It might just leave you curled up in a ball And my request is really very small: I want it all

All inclusive, the whole enchilada with a cherry on top That's all

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