This is how in Adventureland and stop Scar and his allies goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's adventures of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


Evil Ryan: Well, guys. My mentor is with Ryan so he can help us.

Evil Anna: Hey. Maybe our allies will help us.

Thomas: Wait. There is a portal.

[The portal opens and Ryan is driving a boat then he dodges a magic blast]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. I'm happy for you to come, my friends. Ryvine set an ambush for me and Merlin so... I don't think we can help you.


Thomas: Who will help us, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Rafiki will guide you in my and Merlin's place. Good luck!

[Ryan sails downstream. The scene on the portal change and Rafiki appears]

Rafiki: [laughs] There you are! A-sante-sana-squash-banana...

Sci-Ryan: What is happening in your world, Rafiki?

Rafiki: Let me show you, Sci-Ryan.


Rafiki: [narrating] Scar has returned in spite of his big fall. This is a very dark trick. It's breaks the circle of life. Only ones who are also broken could do this. You see?

Ryvine Sparkle: Here is a deal, Scar. Team up with Jessanita, Timothey, Optimus' former student and Scarlette, help us take over this... place and find me and Hades Merlin's Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and I will let you live... let's just say forever.

[Back to the drawing]

Rafiki: [narraiting] So Scar and his allies returned...

Scar: And this time, nothing can harm me.

Scarlette: So if you want to live, you will obey him.

Timothy: Stampede the elephants...

Scar: And crush all who would stand in our way!

Jessanita: But let Sunset Shimmer live. I will defrom her so she can be on our side for Makuta.


Scar: When my allies and I find the crystal, I shall be king.... Forever!


Rafiki: You must stop Scar and his allies. Fix this broken circle. I'm sending Ladybug and Cat Noir to help you.


Sci-Twi: I hope they get there.


Cat Noir:

Ryan F-Freeman:[voice] You need to go to this location and use the Sorcerer's key. Rafiki will help you out and so does Ladybug and Cat Noir.



Rafiki: [voice] Ahhh. There is great dark magic here. And Scar have shared it with the hyenas. You must stop them.

[The scene shows Banzi]

Banzi: Ugh. Man. Elephants are not easy to scare. If it weren't for Scar's whole invincability thing. No way I'll be taken orders from him again.

Matau T. Monkey: Freeze, turkey!

Banzi: Hey. If it isn't Matau and the Autobots from Jasper Nevada. [Fires a magic blast at the portal]

Matau T. Monkey: Ok. Which spell do I use?

Sunset Shimmer: Cornal Hati's righteous stomp?

Ryan Tokisaki: Let me try.

[Kuryan used Cornal Hati's righteous stomp an Banzi is defeated]

Banzi: I'm just gonna lie down for a minute...


Rafiki: [laughs] You did it, Kuryan! Now you and your friends must catch up to Scar and co. There's still a way to stop them set things right.

[The portal shows a location called Sunshine Tree Terence]

Rafiki: This is our next place.

Sci-Ryan: For what?

Rafiki: For what you are looking for. So go.

Crash Bandicoot:


Rafiki: [voice] Scar is getting closer. But, Optimus' former student. He tricked the hyenas. They are not so smart. You must show them the truth.

[The portal shows Scar and his allies with the hyenas]

Timothy: Starting an elephant stampede is a... small tast. But, it is beyound you idiots. We are seems to be the only ones around this world capable of doing everthing right?!


Rafiki: The hyenas thinks Scar, Scarlette, Jessanita and Tim cannot be beaten. Show them.

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Ok, Sci-Ryan and Alice. It's your time to help Cat Noir and use the Sorcerer's Crest. A symbole on the back of your spell cards. It has great magic. Hurry.

[Sci-Ryan and Alice help Cat Noir and used the Sorcerer's Crest. A tree branch hits Scar and his allies on the head]

Shenzi: Hey! You and your allies are not invinceble. Why you liying mangy, no good wanna-be king of the savannah. We are outta here!

Timothy: Wait! Don't go!

Shenzi: No, Train-bot! You are not Scar's friend. If you want to go back where you came from, get outta here!

Rafiki: Good work. Scar and his allies will disapear here. But, you can follow him to another place and face the lions.

Sci-Ryan: Let's go to another location.

Evil Anna: Right.

[Sometime later. They arrive at another location and open the portal]

Rafiki: The hyenas and Timothy have fled. Yes! Ha ha! But, Scar and his allies seeks another's help. You must stop them before it is too late.


Scarlette: Well. You can approve if my male counterpart want to rule this land, we must be more powerful then his brother, Mufasa.

Megatron: What my friend Ryvine can do. Is you keeping your part of the deal.

Ryvine Sparkle: So get those elephants running and bring us that crystal, or our deal... is... [in his angry voice] OFF!!

[Ryvine and Megatron disappears]

Scar: Ahh. Sci-Ryan and Alice. You two proved your skills against that tree branch. Unfortunatly. This time, you have to contend.... With me and my allies!

[Jessanita used her guitar and Scar and Scarlette use thier paws at the portal]

Matau T. Monkey: Let me have a go. I got the thing to do it. I'll use Lightning McQueen's Ka-chow!

[Matau used the spell card and beaten the 3 villains. Hades and Ryvine appears]

Hades: Late night steeling the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. I hope.

Ryvine Sparkle: Because you three better not storm ahead here.

Scar: Uggh. You make puns, Ryvine?

Ryvine Sparkle: Hmm. Time for a little magic and Underworld pick me up again.

[Hades snaps his fingers then Scar, Jessanita and Scarlette dissapears]

Rafiki: You bested them, Matau! Ha ha! But, what goes away sometime comes around again. Be watchful.

[The gang goes to another location]

Rafiki: Ha ha! No time to lose. A dark power has made Scar a mighty storm, Scarlette into a robot and Jessanita a Midnight Sparkle of herself. Only a good power can stop them. Like you. Ladybug and Crash.

[The portal shows Hades and Ryvine using thier magic to magic to make Scar a thundercloud, Scarlette a robot Gaia Everfree and Jessanita into Midnight Sparktron]

Scar: We have only one bit of advice for you...

Scar, Scarlette and Midnight Sparktron: RUN!!!!

[They zap the portal with thier

Sci-Ryan: Hurry! Alice! Use the Blue Fariy's Wand Wish spell!


Scar: Back away!

Midnight Sparktron: Surrender Sunset and love Trent, Gwen!

Scarlette: Or our lighting and magic will stampede the elephants below!

Sci-Ryan: We would rather she die then surrender Sunset and herself!


Rafiki: Ahhh. That Scar, Scarlette and Jessanita are tricky ones. But, old Rafiki already send the elephants home. [Laughs]

Sonata Dusk:

Rafiki: Now. Blow that storm away!

Ryan F-Freeman: [voice] Use any of your spell cards, Crash. And finish Scar!

Merlin: [voice] Including Scarlette and Jessanita.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Cat Noir, use the Woozels' woozel nightmare spell. Twilight, use Yen Sid's magical hat and I will use Ariel's bubble attack.


Scar, Scarlette and Jessanita: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Ryvine Sparkle: Great. But, did they listen?

Hades: No. He wants to be a cloud. Who's afraid of a cloud?! [Growls in frustration]

Crash Bandicoot:

Rafiki: But, you beat Scar! You did it! [Laughs]

[The portal shows Ryan with Merlin on a boat with Rafiki]

Ryan F-Freeman: Well done, my friends.

Merlin: Unfortunatly, Ryvine, Kaos, Hades and Megatron still has other villains afoot.

Ryan F-Freeman: We could use your help if you like.