This is how Ryan, Sora and their friends visit Atlantica in Ryan's Quest 2.

Ariel: Ah, the night sky is so beautiful right after a storm...

(Some driftwood floats in front of her and she sees a man resting halfway in the water a few feet away. She gasps and swims to save him. After successfully bringing him to shore, she admires him, as he's a human)

Ariel (singing): What would I give to live where you are... What would I pay to stay here beside you... What would I do to see you smiling at me... Where would we walk, where would we run if we could stay all day in the sun... Just you and me, and I could be part of your world...

(She brushes her hand against his cheek and he slightly opens his eyes before she finishes singing. She noticed his regaining consciousness and quickly swims back into the water. The man drifts away again. Later, he wakes up and stands up)

Eric: The girl who rescued me...Her voice...

(Two moray eels watch in the water. Sora pilots the Gummi Ship through Splash Island and into the sea. They enter the water with a burst of magic, scaring away a school of fish)

Donald: Oh boy! Under the sea again!

Sci-Ryan: It's great to be back!

Goofy: Uh-huh!

Sora: Whoa!

(Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian swim into the Undersea Courtyard)

Ariel: Sora! Donald! Goofy! Ryan! Sci-Ryan! Evil Ryan! Evil Anna! Crash! Bertram! Matau!

Sora: Uh...hi there!

Ryan: Ariel... Right?

(Ariel swims around him)

Ariel: You forget how to swim already?

Sora: Kinda, I guess.

Ryan: I guess so.

Sebastian: Den you boys got to practice! You follow Flounder---he show you what to do.

Flounder: C'mon, you two, you can do it!

(Flounder swims off. Sora and Ryan swims to Flounder)

Flounder: Yes, that's it! You're a quick learner, Sora and Ruan!

(After a few more swimming reminders...)

Sora: That's much better!

Sebastian: Now den... What brings you three into de sea? Is somethin' going on?

Sora: Kind of.

Goofy: But everything SEEMS peaceful.

Crash: Yeah, no Heartless.

Ariel: Oh, everything's long as Daddy's in a good mood.

Sebastian: Hey, we got us a concert very soon. Why don't you sing in my musical extravaganza? Please say yes! Ariel's been actin' strange lately. But she might settle down and practice if you're dere, too.

Donald: That sounds fun!

Sora: Let's give it a shot!

Ryan: I always wanted to have a concert.

Sebastian: Excellent! Now den, I teach you everything you need.

Sora: Er, what do we have to do?

Sebastian: It's easy! All you gotta do is feel de rhythm! Hear de beat and put a little shake in it! Ready? Let's go!

(Sora dances for a little bit, then spins around with his arms outstretched and a smile on his face)

Sebastian: Dat's it! Okay, Donald. Your turn. You do it just like Sora. Den he see what you got.

(Donald dances and spins around, with his arm outstretched)

Sebastian: Dat's it! Goofy, it's you, now. You think you can do better?

(Goofy also dances as much a turtle can dance, and spins around happily)

Sebastian: Dat's it! Dis time you gonna dance with Ariel! Remember, don't miss de beat!

(Ryan, Sora dances with Ariel, who spins around him. They both pose)

Sebastian: Dat's it! Now we jammin' with de bubbles! De rules is de same---you gotta stick to de beat.

(Bubbles form out of a hot air tube and pop on cue)

Sebastian: Dat's right! You got it! Dat's all dere is to it.

Goofy: Gawrsh, I don't know...

Sebastian: Any time you wanna sing in a music masterpiece you just come see me.

Sora: Sure, I'll give it a try!

(Chapter One: Swim This Way)

Sebastian: Break a fin!

Sora: Here goes nothing!

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now.

(Sora and Ariel dance inside the center shell on stage)

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

Sebastian (bouncing to the music): Let the music move you! You can do it!

Ariel (singing): Don't be shy, let the music inside. And dance, dance, dance!

(Sora and Ariel cross their hands over their heads and spread them out wide)

Sebastian: See, you can do it!

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now. It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

(Ariel grabs Sora and they swim upwards)

Sebastian: Watch the stage, now! How exciting!

(A brightly lit outershell opens revealing a smaller shell, that rises up above the stage)

Ariel (singing): See the sign? Can you reach it in time? And tap, tap, tap?

(Ariel shows off the shell. Sora taps the shell, and it opens, revealing a dancing manta ray)

Sebastian: Yeah, that's it, mon!

(A pod of dolphins swim in)

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now. It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

Sebastian: And if you can't reach the target, use magic!

(The dolphins swim in a circle in unison around the stalactite chandelier, slowly making the circle smaller, then swimming out from it)

Ariel (singing): It's all the same, if you've got steady aim. Just zap, zap, zap!

(Sora sends out two balls of lightning, which light up the chandelier)

Sebastian: There, you got the rhythm now!

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now.

(Some jellyfish do the wave back and forth as angelfish swim past)

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

(Donald dances next to an octopus.  Goofy bops next to Flounder. An octopus plays drums, while the blowfish are on horns)

Sebastian: It's not over yet! You can do it---keep going!

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now. It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

(Ariel dances in front of stage light. She twirls around and poses)

Sebastian: Now, what about the bubbles?

(Sora swims to the center of a few bubbles, which pop on cue. Sora flips around and swims off)

Sebastian: Ha ha! On to the next one!

Ariel, Flounder, & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now. It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

(Donald, Goofy, and Flounder dance inside shells, as the band plays)

Sebastian: Drum solo! Here's the sign. Give him the cue! (Sebastian points with his wand to the octopus on drums)

Ariel (singing): Count him in so he'll know to begin to drum, drum, drum!

(The octopus drums on cue)

Sebastian: Now the cues are up to you.

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now.

(Sora and Ariel swim toward each other)

Ariel & Sebastian (singing): It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

(They touch, dive, and spin)

Sebastian: Here's your big moment! Make 'em cheer!

Ariel (singing): Don't dilly-dally, it's your big finale! Sha-la-la!

(Sora and Ariel turn around each other, dancing, and pose)

Sebastian: You made quite a splash! That was fantastic!

(Sebastian joins Sora and Ariel in the middle shell)

Everyone (singing): Swim this way, we'll dance and we'll play now. It's very easy, come on in! Just take a chance and shake a fin!

Ariel (singing): Swim along, just join in the song. A musical for everyone to have a lot of finny fun.

(Everyone poses toward Ariel, who has her arms outstretched, as the song ends)

Ariel: Sora, you were amazing! Even you, Ryan!

Donald: Hey! I wanna sing more lines!

Crash: Yeah!

(Ariel giggles, then swims away as King Triton arrives)

Sebastian: Your Majesty! We have visitors!

Sora: King Triton!

Ryan: It's great to meet you.

Triton: I certainly hope there hasn't been a need to use that Keyblade of yours.

Sora: Nope. Everything's fine. Not a Heartless in sight.

(The King nods)

Sebastian: Your Majesty, our guests, dey wanna sing in de musical.

Triton: Well, that sounds like a splendid idea. We may need your help after all... You see, I'm afraid Ariel's still infatuated with the human world. A busy rehearsal schedule might be just the thing she needs to stop thinking about life up on the surface.

(Prince Eric walks along the beach)

Ariel (singing): Swim along, just join in the song. A musical for everyone to have a lot of finny fun.

Eric: That's the voice I heard! I'm sure of it!

(He starts to wade into the water)

Eric: Hello!? Where are you hiding? I know you're the girl who saved me. Please, come out so I can thank you.

(Sebastian swims up to Ariel)

Sebastian: Ariel? (to himself) Dat girl's acting strange again. Probably been flittin' around on da surface... Ohhh, da Sea King's gonna have my claws for dis!

Sora (to Ariel): C'mon, we gotta keep rehearsing!

Ariel: I'm sorry, but I don't feel like it.

(Ariel swims away)

Sebastian: No! Ariel!

Flounder: I've got an idea, Sebastian.

Sebastian: You do?

Flounder: I know how to cheer Ariel up! C'mon, follow me!

(They follow Flounder to a sunken ship area)

Flounder: Over here!

(They see a sunken ship with a large statue underneath it)

Flounder: See...

Sebastian: Oh, no! Dis must be from de human world!

Flounder: I found it after that storm--- And I bet it's from a shipwreck. Don't ya think Ariel's gonna love it?

Sebastian: But if de Sea King finds out about dis...

Donald: It's better than going to the surface!

Sora: C'mon, help me move it.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy try to lift the rock off the statue)

Sora: It's no use.

Ryan: I've got this, Sora. Gather!

(They use Magnet to get the statue out from beneath the rock. Near the sunken ship area, Ariel sighs)

(Chapter Two: Part of Your World)

Sora: Ariel!

Ryan: You have to come with us!

Goofy: We'd like you to come with us, Ariel.

Sora: Have we got something to show you!

(They proceed to Ariel's Grotto, where Ariel sees the large statue of Prince Eric)

Sora: It's a pretty cool statue, huh?

Ryan: It's from the surface.

Donald: It looks like some kinda prince.

(Ariel swims up to it)

Ariel: A prince!?

(Sebastian holds his head)

Ariel (singing): Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

(She picks up a fork and places it into a candlestick)

Ariel (singing): Wouldn't you think I'm the girl... The girl who has everything?

(Sora swims over to a globe and around it)

Ariel (singing): Look at this trove, treasures untold. How many wonders can one cavern hold? Looking around here you'd think...

(Goofy sees a jewelry box and opens it. The gems inside shine brightly and Goofy spins around)

Ariel (singing): "Sure, she's got everything."

(Donald finds a jack-in-the-box)

Ariel (singing): I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. I've got whozits and whatzits galore.

(Donald knocks on the jack-in-the-box and a clown pops out, scaring him. Ariel swims up to Flounder with a box)

Ariel: You want thingamabobs? I got twenty.

(She opens the box and show him the bottle openers)

Ariel (singing): But who cares? No big deal.

(She closes the box and puts it down. Swims upwards)

Ariel (singing): I want more.

(She finds a music box with a dancing couple. She gazes at it dreamily)

Ariel (singing): I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see... wanna see 'em dancing.

(She spins the couple as if they're dancing)

Ariel (singing): Walking around on those...

Ariel (to Goofy): What do you call 'em?

(He spins around)

Ariel: Oh, "feet."

(She touches his hind fins)

Ariel (singing): Up where they walk, up where they run...

(She flies upwards)

Ariel (singing): Up where they stay all day in the sun...

(She reaches up her hand to the light reaching down through the grotto)

Ariel (singing): Wandering free, wish I could be... Part of that world.

(She floats down to the statue and looks up at the sunlight)

Sora: Ariel... We're here to help you, you know.

Sebastian: Oh, no---you three stay out of it!

Sora: Look who's talking!

Donald: Yeah! You were gonna tell her dad about it!

Sebastian (holding his head): What am I going to do?

(Ariel stares at the statue. Sebastian meets with King Triton, but stays at the entrance to the Throne Room)

Triton: You're late, Sebastian. Is something wrong?

Sebastian: No. Nothing, Your Majesty.

(Sebastian swims up to the King)

Triton: That's good. So, tell me---how is the song for the musical coming?

Sebastian: It is finished, Your Majesty! And it celebrates all de wonderful things found here in de ocean. It will be my finest work.

Triton: Will it get Ariel's mind off the human world?

Sebastian: Er, yes...well... Probably... Possibly...

(King Triton looks at him sternly)

Sebastian: I-I mean, most definitely! Excuse me, Your Majesty, but I must understand.

(Sebastian swims out of the room. Sora, Donald, and Goofy return to the Undersea Courtyard. Ariel is even more infatuated with the human world)

Sora: This is terrible! We've got to do something.

Goofy: She can't be in the musical like that.

Donald: I'll sing her part instead!

Sora: No way! Not a chance!

Donald: What? Why not!?

Ryan: Because, you're terrible!

Goofy: Hey, it's Sebastian.

(Sebastian swims up with a scroll in his claw)

Sebastian: Dis will never work...

Sora: What's up?

Sebastian: I've composed a perfect song for de musical, but I think it's gonna be too complicated for you.

Sora: Aw, c'mon! How hard can it be?

Ryan: Oh boy.

(They unravel the Scroll and look at the sheet music)

Donald: Uh-oh...

Sci-Ryan: That is not cool.

(Chapter Three: Under the Sea)

(Sebastian drums on a few bongo shells and starts up the hot crustacean band. He points to Sora and Ryan, who swims in among fish)

Sora & Ryan (singing): The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.

(Sebastian swims over to Ariel)

Sebastian (singing): You dream about going up there... But that is a big mistake.

(Ariel looks away)

Sebastian (singing): Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor.

(Goofy and Donald spin to the music)

Sebastian (singing): Such wonderful things surround you. What more is you looking for?

(Fish swim in and spin around Ariel. Sebastian grabs onto one)

Sebastian (singing): Under the sea. Under the sea.

(The fish makes a sharp turn and knocks Sebastian into a wall)

Sora & Ryan: Darling, it's better down where it's wetter. Take it from me.

(Sora and Ryan spins around. Ariel looks from Flounder and moves to the other side of the pillar, looking unhappy)

Sebastian (singing): Up on the shore they work all day. Out in the sun they slave away...

(A dolphin swims in)

Sebastian (singing): While we devoting full time to floating... Under the sea.

(An octopus and several fish dance along)

Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea!

Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea!

(The crab hops to the center rock and poses. Ariel's mood lifts)

Sebastian (singing): Since life is sweet here, we got the beat here, naturally!

Snails (singing): Naturally-y-y!

Sora & Ryan (singing): Even the sturgeon and the ray.

(A manta ray swims up to Donald and they dance together)

Ariel (singing): They get the urge and start to play.

Sebastian (singing): We got the spirit, you got to hear it... Under the sea.

(He plays his bongo shells again. Sora spins and swims around. Bubbles pop on cue)

Sora, Ryan, Ariel, & Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea.

Sora, Ryan, Ariel, & Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

Snails (singing): Under the sea.

Ariel (singing): When the sardine begin the beguine, it's music to me.

(Ariel grabs the tail of a swimming dolphin, lets go, and spins)

Sebastian (singing): What do they got? A lot of sand.

(Sora slaps his Keyblade on a hot spring. It bubbles and spouts)

Sebastian (singing): We got a hot crustacean band.

Ariel (singing): Eat little clam here, know how to jam here...

(Ariel spins upward near the spring)

Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

(A snail plays on his shell horn. Sora dances with Ariel)

Sora, Ryan & Ariel (singing): Each little slug here, cutting a rug here, under the sea.

(Donald dances with an octopus. Sora laughs)

Sebastian (singing): Each little snail here, know how to wail here.

(Sebastian jumps down past the soaring Ariel and Sora)

Sora & Ryan (singing): That's why it's hotter...

Ariel (singing): Under the water.

(Sebastian grabs onto a jellyfish and swims up with it)

Sebastian (singing): Ya we in luck here, down in the muck here.

Sora, Ryan, Ariel, & Sebastian (singing): Under the sea.

(Sora, Ryan and Ariel show off Sebastian, who's on the center rock, as the music ends)

Sebastian: So what do you think, Ariel?

Ariel: Oh, I think it's a great song, Sebastian. It's just... it's not what I wanna sing.

(Sebastian gasps)

Ariel: I wanna sing our two worlds can live in harmony---land and sea together!

Sebastian: De Sea King would make chowder outta me if you sang a song like dat!

Ariel: If you won't listen, then I'm not going to sing at all.

(Ariel leaves)

Sora: A-Ariel!

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy swim after her)

Sebastian: Hmph! How do I get myself into dese situations? Ohh, man. Not only has dat girl fallen in love at da worst possible time, but wid a human!

Triton: Ariel's in love with a human!?

(Sebastian gasps)

Sebastian: Ohh, me and my big mouth...

(Sebastian turns around and sees an angry King Triton. Ariel swims to the surface, Sora, Donald, and Goofy right behind her)

Ariel: Oh!

(Prince Eric is walking toward the beach)

Sora: Is that him?

Ariel: Uh-huh.

Donald: Let's say something!

Ariel: No, don't! He's a human and I'm a mermaid. I...I don't know what he'd think.

(Eric walks away from the beach, dropping something shiny)

Ariel: What's that?

(The necklace floats in the water between two rocks. Ariel swims to the rocks)

Ariel: Oh! It must be his!

Goofy: But we can't reach it...

Ryan: Drats!

Sora: Rats!

(Donald helps retrieve the pendant with Magnera)

(Chapter Four: Ursula's Revenge)

(In Ariel's Grotto, she admires the pendant)

Ariel: This is great, Sora. I know he'll be happy to have this back.

Triton: And just who is this "he"?

Ariel: Daddy!

Triton: Ariel, you know how dangerous humans are!

Ariel (facing away from him): You don't even know him! Oh, Daddy, you've told me that you don't trust humans. But they can't ALL be as bad as you say. And I'm---well, I'm going to prove it to you.

Triton: So help me Ariel, I am going to get through to you.

(He holds the trident with both hands)

Triton: And if this is the only way...

(The trident glows. Ariel tries to stop him)

Triton: So be it.

(He sends out a blast of energy from the trident, which completely destroys the statue. A rock flies right past Donald. Ariel can't meet her father's face and swims out. Sora and company follow her. In the Undersea Courtyard, Ursula appears to her)

Ursula: Ariel, you poor child!

Ariel: You're Ursula---the sea witch! Didn't my father banish you?

Ursula: That's right, angelfish. But how could I stay away, when I knew you were so miserable? What you need is a woman's advice.

(Ariel starts to swim away)

Ursula: What if I could make all your dreams come true?

Ariel (stopping and turning around): My father would never allow it...

Ursula: Oh, well. It mustn't be love, if you give up that easily.

Ariel: Could...could you really help me? But how?

Ursula: Well...the only way to get what you want is to become a human yourself.

Ariel (unsure): A human? Can you do that?

Ursula: My dear, sweet child...that's what I do.

(Sebastian and Flounder swim in and see them)

Sebastian: Dis is terrible! Flounder! You gotta go tell de King!

Flounder: Okay!

(Flounder turns around, but is stopped by Flotsam and Jetsam)

Ursula: Have we got a deal? I'll turn you into a human right now. All you have to do is sign a little contract.

Ariel: A contract?

Ursula: That's right, sweetcakes. And the price is just a token. A trifle. What I want from you is...your voice.

Ariel: M-my voice?

Ursula: I almost forgot---the magic only lasts for three days. You've got to get dear old Princie to kiss you before the sun sets on the third day. If he doesn't, you turn back into a mermaid, and belong to me! I suppose you might find my terms a little tough. After all, you ARE King Triton's daughter. Adored by all of a Atlantica! Why, you're practically guaranteed a happy life. Are you sure you won't listen to your daddy? All it'll cost you is your true love. Come on, sweetie pie. This is your last chance. But far be it from little old me to twist your arm.

Sebastian: Don't listen to her, Ariel!

(Ariel is still thinking it over)

Ursula (starting to leave): Well, now. I won't intrude any longer. I'll be on my way. You obviously don't want my help. Too bad about your prince, though. He IS quite a catch...

Ariel: Wait!

(Ursula swims back over to her and a contract and pen appear with a flick of her wrist)

Ariel: All I have to do is sign?

(She hesitantly, but quickly grabs the pen and writes her name, while looking away. The pen disappears and the contract flies back into Ursula's hands)

Ursula: We have a deal! Here you go!

Flounder: Ariel! Don't!

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy swim in)

Sebastian: Sora, please! You got to stop her, mon!

Sora: Wait!

(Ursula creates a large wind tunnel, blocking Sora from them. Ariel's voice glows and floats out of her mouth. She clutches her neck. Her voice travels into the shell in Ursula's hands. Sebastian and Flounder gasp. Sora braves the wind tunnel before it dissipates, and they see Ariel with legs trying to swim to the surface for air)

Sora: Oh, no! She can't breathe like that!

(Sora grabs her arms and pulls her upwards. Ursula laughs as they swim to the surface. Prince Eric walks to the shore and sees Ariel lying half in the water. He runs to her)

Eric: Are you the girl? Please wake up!

(She opens her eyes and sees him looking down at her. She stands up, trying to gain her balance. He catches her and she falls into him)

Eric: Whoa, easy there!

(They look into each other's eyes. Ariel checks herself, and tries to speak, but can't. She touches a hand to her throat)

Eric: What's wrong? You can't speak? Oh... Well, where did you come from?

(She looks out into the ocean. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are there. She jumps to distract him from seeing them. She remembers the pendant and holds it out to him)

Eric (gasping): That's my pendant!

(Ariel smiles)

Eric: I-I can't believe you found it.

(Ariel nods and places it in his hand)

Eric: Thank you.

(He looks at it, then back to her)

Eric: Please. Come with me. I want to help you.

(She tries to walk. He catches her again and leads her back to his palace. Sora, Donald, and Goofy swim back to the Undersea Courtyard)

Sora: Looks like it's going pretty well!

Goofy: Gawrsh, shouldn't we tell King Triton about this?

Sebastian: Absolutely not! It would break his heart if he found out about dis!

Sora: Then what do we do?

Sebastian: We gonna stay right here and take care of Ariel. Dat's what we gonna do.

Sora: I guess that's all we CAN do.

Ryan: Yeah.

(Sora and Sebastian decide to go check on Ariel. Ariel and Prince Eric walk along the seashore)

Sora: So we just float here and watch?

Ryan: It will take three days for this.

Sebastian: Have you got a better idea?

Sora: We could make Ursula fix all of this.

Sebastian: Hah! She ain't gonna bother wid you.

Sora: Hey, you never know until you try!

Sebastian: Hmm... You may be right. It's gotta be better dan doing nothin'. Can I trust you to take care of Ursula?

Sora: Of course!

Ryan: Yeah!

(Eric and Ariel talk for hours on the beach. At night, Flounder and Sebastian are still watching them. They're there when the two arrive on the beach the next day. Eric takes Ariel on a rowboat as Flounder watches. Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive)

Sora: Hey! Where's Sebastian?

Flounder: Uhh...oh...well... King Triton wanted him at the palace.

Goofy: I wonder if it's about Ariel.

Sora: If King Triton finds out what happened, we're in hot water. Especially since we kept it a secret.

Ryan: Well, we only have two days left.

Flounder: What about Ursula?

Donald: She disappeared.

Sora: Well, how's Ariel doing? She's only got until sunset tomorrow, right?

Flounder (turning around): Hey, look!

(Sora sees that Eric and Ariel are about to kiss and covers Flounder's eyes)

Flounder: I can't see!

(Before they kiss, the boat is rocked by Flotsam and Jetsam and Ariel falls into him)

Flounder: They're okay!

Sora: Man... they were so close.

Goofy: Well, I think we oughta get back to lookin' for Ursula.

Sora: Yeah, good idea.

(They swim below again. Nearly sunset on the next day, they ascend out of the water)

Sora: No sign of Ursula anywhere...

Goofy: I wonder where that sea witch coulda gone.

Matau: Oh no.

(Flounder is with Ariel, who's crying on the beach. They swim up to them)

Flounder: Ariel's been crying for a long time.

(Eric walks in with another girl. The prince has an odd glaze in his eyes)

Vanessa (singing): What would I give to live where you are? What would I pay to stay here beside you? What would I do to see you smiling at me?

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy make themselves less noticeable)

Vanessa (singing): Where would we walk? Where would we run? If we could stay all day in the sun...

Sora: Hey, what's up with the Prince?

Ryan: Don't know.

Vanessa (singing): Just you and me, and I could be...

Flounder: Look! There!

(They see a shell on Vanessa's necklace)

Vanessa (singing): Part of your world.

Flounder: It's Ursula! She...she must've turned herself into that girl!

Sora: Okay, that's it!

Ryan: Aim the Necklace!

(He and Sora gets out their Keyblade and shoots a beam at the necklace. It falls to the ground and shatters, startling Vanessa. Ariel's voice returns to her and she gasps. Prince Eric's eyes return to normal)

Eric: What...what happened?

Ariel: Eric!

(He runs to her)

Eric: can talk... You're the one... The girl who sang to me.

Ariel: Oh, Eric, I wanted to tell you.

Eric: Of course! It was you! You're the one who...who saved me that night in the storm! Oh, Ariel. I'm sorry I didn't figure it out sooner. You're the one I love.

Ariel: Eric...

Ursula: Not so fast!

(They look over and gasp)

Ursula: Do you see what I see?

(The sun has nearly set)

Ursula (crawling towards them): You're too late!

(Ursula grabs Ariel and dives into the water)

Eric: Ariel!

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy descend underwater. Ursula swims down dragging Ariel, who's become a mermaid again)

Sora: Stop!

Ursula: Stay out of this, you fools!

(She holds up the contract in a tentacle)

Ursula: Triton's precious little daughter signed a contract! Now, dearie...let's see how beautiful you are when I'm through with you!

(Ursula grabs Ariel and holds a tentacle up to her cheek)

Sora: That contract's no good!

Ryan: We won't let that happen!

Triton: Let her go!

Ursula: Excuse me!?

(Triton blasts the contract with his trident. Ursula goes cascading toward a rock, but the contract doesn't break)

Ursula: Now, now---even the great King Triton can't go around breaking binding contracts. Why, it just wouldn't do, would it? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some loose ends to tie up.

(Flotsam and Jetsam grab Ariel)

Triton: Wait, Ursula... You win. Just promise you'll let my daughter go.

Ursula: But we had a deal---unless, of course, you're offering to take her place?

(She holds up the contract)

Triton: I'm afraid...I have no choice.

(Triton's trident glows)

Sebastian: Your Majesty!

(King Triton signs his name on the contract. Ursula laughs as Triton is reduced to a shriveled monster. Ursula picks up the dropped trident)

Ursula: At last!

Ariel: Daddy!

Ursula (pointing the trident at Triton): Who's the "mighty ruler" of the seas now?

Ariel: You---you monster! Let him go!

(A sharp wooden stick just nicks Ursula in the arm. She yells and looks to see Prince Eric)

Ariel: Eric!

Ursula: How dare you! Pitiful, insignificant human!

(Ursula sends Flotsam and Jetsam after him, but Sora blocks)

Sora: Hey! That's enough!

Ryan: Not if me and my friends have something to say about it.

(The trident glows)

Ursula: Ha ha! Now you all bow to me!

(Flounder and Sebastian watch in horror as smoke spreads everywhere. Ariel swims to the surface after Eric. Eric and Ariel huddle on the surface of the dark water as bubble appear around them. Their magnitude grows as Ursula blasts out of the water directly beneath them, splitting them from each other. They huddle again as the sea witch rises above the water, towering over them. She holds the trident in her hand and smiles evilly)

Ursula (singing): This witch is back to bring her wrath upon the sea. Triton can't be rid of me, not that easily.

(The points of her tentacles reach the surface, sending water everywhere. Ariel and Eric swim away. Ursula raises the trident)

Ursula (singing): And like all who dare defy me, he will learn his lesson well: Never toy with a girl like me.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy come up out of the water)

Sora (pointing at her): You got what you deserved!

(The two moray eels circle them. Sora dives underwater)

Ursula (singing: Flotsam and Jetsam!

(The eels strike and capture Sora)

Ursula (singing): Loyal darlings, strong as the tide. Sweetest poopsies, hasten to my side.

(Donald knocks an eel off of Sora. Goofy slams the other one)

Ursula (singing): Right now! Mommy needs you.

(They swim away, but Sora follows them

Ursula (singing): Crush those stupid fools, make them writhe!

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy dodge Ursula's tentacles. Sora swims through the eels, and obliterates them with his Keyblade)

Sora: All right!

(Ursula swings her trident over the water. Eric tries to swim away)

Ursula (singing): What a feeble human. No, I can't believe my eyes.

(A tentacle knocks him out of the water. He lands in his boat and looks back at the sea witch)

Ursula (singing): Such a stubborn royal who is fighting for his prize.

(Ursula looks to Ariel)

Ursula (singing): Without your precious mermaid, now you're crazy with revenge. I suppose I sympathize.

(Ursula moves the trident over the water, but Ariel ducks underwater)

Eric: I'm not gonna lose her!

Sora: Right! We're with you all the way!

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy fly over the boat. Sora sends a beam at Ursula with his Keyblade, but she blocks with the trident)

Ursula (singing): Flotsam and Jetsam! Loyal darlings, strong as the tide.

(She tries to hit Donald and Goofy with her Keyblade, but they dodge, still flying for her head. Goofy hits her in the forehead, while Donald gets her chin.

Ursula (singing): Sweetest poopsies, hasten to my side.

(Donald and Goofy fall back into the water)

Ursula (singing): Right now! Mommy needs you. Smash those stupid fools, make them writhe!

(Sora jumps out of the water and waves at her)

Sora: Sorry, "Mommy"... Your poopsies are toast!

(Ursula gasps and swings the trident around to hit him. Donald and Goofy come out of the water again.  They descend as the trident swings around. The trident surges with lightning in Ursula's hand)

Ursula (singing): This is not the end, my dears, I swear I've just begun. It's not over until Ursula has won!

Sora (blasting out of the water): That's what you think!

Ryan: Ursula!

(He knocks the trident out of her hand, as she tries to hit him. It swings through the air and lands on Eric's boat)

Ursula:'s not possible!

Sora: It's over, Ursula!

Ryan: Bye!

(He and Ryan lands back in the water)

Ursula: That belongs to me!

Eric (grabbing it from the boat): All right, then---you can have it!

(He throws it at her, shooting right through. Ursula screams in pain and sinks into the water. Things return to normal)

Eric: Please, Ariel... You can come out now---it's okay.

(Ariel doesn't move)

Eric: Ariel?

(She dives underwater, and jumps through the air, showing him that she has fins again. She rises to the surface)

Ariel: You see, Eric...this is why I went to Ursula.

Eric: This can't be...

Ariel: I would have told you sooner...

Eric: To think...

Ariel: Eric...goodbye.

Eric: I had all that time and I didn't work on my swimming.

(Eric jumps into the water and swims to her)

Eric: Well, I guess it's never too late to learn, right? Will ya teach me?

Ariel: I'd love to!

(They embrace)

Sora: All right!

Ryan: Great!

(King Triton swims away. Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet in the Undersea Courtyard)

Sora: Prince Eric's a great guy---and he's really brave, too.

Sebastian (swimming up): Yes. But he IS a human.

Donald: Oh brother. Not again...

(Ariel and Flounder arrive)

Sora: How'd it go with your father, Ariel?

Ariel: Great! Thanks for your help. I gotta go. I'll see you later!

(She swims up to the surface)

Sora: Hey, wait...

Flounder: I almost forgot, Sebastian! King Triton said this year's festival is so important that the music better be your best ever!

Sebastian: My best ever? Hmm...

Sora: All right, what's going on?

Ryan: It better be important.

Sebastian: You gotta do me a favor.

(The crab whispers his idea to Sora, Donald, and Goofy)

Sora: What?

Ryan: You mean...?

Donald: Huh?

Goofy: But how?

Sebastian: And it was gonna make de perfect song, too...

Evil Ryan: Let's see.

(Chapter Five: A New Day is Dawning)

(The stage is ready. Sebastian swims up to his sheet music and taps his wand on the book. The curtain of bubbles dissipates and three shells rise from below. The right and left shells open and Atina and Andrina are inside each)

Atina & Andrina (singing): Welcome the dawning of a happy age of new beginnings.

(The center shell opens and inside is a dancing manta ray)

Atina & Andrina (singing): Land and see have come together, joined in peace and harmony. Fairy tales and miracles are what we're singing of.

(Atina flips around. Andrina swims across the stage and twirls around. They start to dance together)

Atina & Andrina (singing): Our dear princess, Ariel, truly fell in love. With a prince, a human prince, who lived so far above.

(Another shell rises above the stage and the princesses show it off. It opens, revealing Ariel)

Ariel (singing): Wishes really can come true, if you want them to.

(Atina and Andrina join her)

Ariel (singing): And this happiness inside, I owe to ev'ry one of you.

(The three sisters swim upward)

Atina & Andrina (singing): How about you introduce us to these lovely friend of yours?

(Atina and Andrina swim around Ariel and swim offstage)

Ariel (singing): Come take a bow: Donald, Goofy, and Sora.

(Sora and the others swim in, spinning around)

Donald, Sci-Ryan, Matau, Evil Ryan (singing): Congratulations, dear princess, to you...

Goofy, Crash, Evil Anna, Bertram (singing): You found your first love and he found you, too.

Sora & Ryan: (singing): We were glad to help you out, and very proud, it's true.

All (singing): Seeing how we made you grin just makes us want to twirl a fin.

(Sora swims and flips to the center shell. Atina and Andrina swim around Ariel)

Ariel (singing): Wishes really can come true, if you want them to. And this happiness inside, I owe to ev'ry one of you.

(Atina swims around a pillar, and her and Andrina come out the other side)

Atina & Andrina (singing): Be so kind to introduce the King, and these his loyal friends.

(King Triton swims in on a sleigh, tugged by three dolphins)

Ariel (singing): Please say hello: Daddy, Sebastian, Flounder.

Triton: Ariel, I'm so happy for you.

Sebastian (singing): Yes, happy endings are so rare and so few.

Flounder (singing): We were glad to help, and very proud, it's true.

Sebastian & Flounder: Seeing how we made you grin just makes us want to twirl a fin.

(Flounder flips around as the King rides over the stage)

Atina & Andrina (singing): Any other friends of yours that might be waiting in the wings?

(Atina and Andrina swim into the orchestra pit and make a circle around Sebastian and Flounder)

Ariel (singing): Come say hello: All my friends from ev'ry corner of the world.

(A manta ray swims in with red fish and glowing jellyfish)

Everyone (singing): A new day is dawning on a happy age of new beginnings.

(Andrina and Donald swim to the right shell)

Everyone (singing): Land and see have come together, joined in peace and harmony.

(Atina and Goofy swim to the left shell)

Everyone (singing): Fairy tales and miracles are what we're singing of.

(Sora and Ariel swim over the center shell)

Everyone (singing): Our dear princess, Ariel, Prince Eric from above. A happy end forever after, full of joy and love.

(Sora and Ariel spin around in the center shell, and everyone poses to thunderous applause. They bow as a curtain of bubbles comes up)

(Sora and Ryan opens another gateway)

Ariel: Sora, Ryan, what's happening?

Sora: A new pathway has opened.

Sebastian: What? You gonna go? Dis is goodbye?

Donald: I won't do it! We'll never say goodbye!

Goofy: That's right! A-one, two, three, four:

All (singing): Even though we're hittin' the road, our worlds are all connected.

Sora & Ryan: Which means...

All (singing): We are free to come and go.

Donald & Sci-Ryan: And sing!

All (singing): So don't be sad, and always know, we'll come back soon to say hello!

(They swim around Ariel, who smiles.)

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