The song Best Day Ever has played

Song End

Spongebob: Hello, Krusty- (Scream)

He saw all the Heartless attacking the Krusty Krab

Krab: Help us!

Then Ryan and his friend arrived

Ryan: Heartless, here in Krusty Krab?

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Squidward: Thank goodness.

Patrick: Where are these Heartless coming from?

Sandy: Perhaps over there.

She point at the Chum Bucket

Matau: Plankton, him again?

Krab: Oh no! He stole the Secret Formula!

Ryan: We able to get it back, come on!


Plankton song has played

Song End

Our Heroes arrived

Ryan: Stop right there with your song, Plankton!

Plankton: But I haven't finish the song.

Krab: Give me back the Formula!

Plankton: If you want it, come get it!

He using his Giant Robot, they are fighting him and they defeated him

Plankton: Foiled again!

[Ryan steps on Plankton]

Plankton: Ouch.

Sora: Who is Plankton, Ryan?

Ryan: Krab's Enemy.

Spongebob: And I made some Krabby Patty.

Then the Krabby Patty he make is glowing

Spongebob: Huh?

Ryan and Sora unlocked a new gateway

Patrick: Whoa! What's is that light we saw?

Ryan: We are now leaving.

Mr Krab: Right now?

Sora: It's okay, we'll be back soon.

Spongebob: Okay, come back to Bikini Bottom.

They left this world

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