Riku and Cody made it to Bikini Bottom and they saw Dream Eater attacking Squidward, Patrick and Mr Krabs., They help them and defeated the Dream Eater

Mr Krabs: Phewz thank you for saving me.

Riku: You're welcome, so what happened?

Patrick: Plankton is using all of those Monster for the Krabby Patty Formula.

Mr Krabs: And we have to stop him for finding out the Formula.

Cody: I see, don't worry. We'll help you.

Mr Krabs: Thank you.

Patrick: Okay.

Squidward: Not me.

Mr Krabs: Oh yes, you do. You're coming with me to stop Plankton, or your Fired!

They went off and they made here in Goo Lagoon and saw Plankton taking all the People

Mr Krabs: Plankton! What are you doing!?

Plankton: Taking all the People as my Slaves.

Patrick: Let go of them!

Plankton: I will, if you fight!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Mr Krabs: Thank you for saving my Formula.

Riku: No problem, if any happen make sure you keep it safe.

They left and seal the Keyhole

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