They made it to Bikini Bottom and they saw Sandy fighting the Dream Eater, They help her fight and they defeated them all

Sandy: Thanks, fellas.

Sci-Ryan: No problems.

Crash: So what happened?

Sandy: Those weird monster has been attack the People in Bikini Bottom, and even though they are attacking the King Jellyfish.

Sci-Ryan: Should we help you?

Sandy: Yes please.

They went off and they saw Plankton collecting all the Jellyfish

Sandy: Plankton, what are you doing!?

Plankton: Collecting all the Jellyfish for my Plan.

Sci-Ryan: You're hurting them! Stop it!

Plankton: Oh yeah, CPA Student? Try me.

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Plankton: Well. I guess I got some explaining to do.

[Sci-Ryan raises his foot]

Plankton: No. No! Not the face!

[Sci-Ryan steps on Plankton]

Plankton: Ouch.

Sandy: Thank you for saving the Jellyfish, hope you can see me.

Sci-Ryan: We will. Bye.

They left and they seal the Keyhole

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