They build Camp to make sure they need their rest

Vivi: I think we do the dare game.

Gaomon: Alright, let's do.


Gaomon: I wonder what challenge is gonna be?

Next Confession

Lalamon: I hope it's something nice.

End of Confession

Vivi pick the card

Vivi: Lann, I want you to dare "Eat a Pepper".

Lann: Ok.


Lann: I hope this pepper is not hot.

End of Confession

Raynn: Good luck, Lann. Hope you gonna need it.

He eat it and it's very hot in his mouth

Lann: OW!

All: (Laugh)

Next Day

They went to the Blue Dragon's World

Vivi: Another World that has been fallen into Darkness.

They saw a Crystal

Vivi: Is that...

They look at the Crystal and they saw, Keenan, Yoshi, Garnet and even Lann and Raynn's Parents

Lalamon: Yoshi!

Falcomon: Keenan!

Vivi: Dagger!

Lann & Raynn: Mom! Dad!

They they have disappeared and they know what happened to them

Raynn: Everyone... What have you come here to tell us? I know we promise to come back, we're sorry. But we have to find a way home before we can help you. We just want to know that it's been you that keeps our hearts. Keeps the dark away.

Then they saw a Crystal

Lann: It's a Crystal.

They look at it and then their reflection just grab them and now they are in World Within

Then many Crystals is around them

Vivi: What just happened?

They look at the door and it's locked

Lann: Those Crystal... maybe they're were a clue.

They look at the Keys inside the Chest

Gaomon: Those are key, but they are lock.

Raynn: Is there a way to get open for the right hand?

Lann: Hey! I got it! I got the right hand for this!

He tried to open it and it doesn't work

Lann: Cut me some slack, Chest.

Gaomon: Let's see.

They went off to see the Crystal

Falcomon: Is this how it is to face your demon?

Agumon: I think so.

Then their Reflection has comes to life

Phantom Gaomon: Nobody can't save you and no one wants to.

Phantom Agumon: Just let go of everything and fade into the Darkness.

Phantom Lann: You'll never see the realm of light.

Phantom Raynn: Is there any point of continuing this fight.

Phantom Mordecai: Are you really worthy of being a Keyblade Master?

Phantom Rigby: Your Bonds of Friendship only tied you down.

Phantom Vivi: Only your hearts is hollow enough to be a demon.

Gaomon: No! Someone will save us! For sure!

Agumon: Never! We got light in us!

Lann: We will see the realm of light!

Raynn: We can help others!

Mordecai: I don't understand what a Keyblade Master is! But... Someday we will find out for sure!

Rigby: Our friendship will prevail!

Vivi: Our hearts are never hollow!

They are fighting them and the defeated them

Vivi: Our Friends... and now our own phantoms? What could it all mean?

They defeated all the phantoms of them

Vivi: That's all of them.

Falcomon: Our Friends.... they didn't have anything to say.

Gaomon: But our Shadows... they wanted to destroy us.

They left the Crystal and go back to the Door where they came from

Lalamon: Never would have though we'd become our worst enemy's. (Sigh)

Mordecai: We've talk to ourselves a lot since falling into these Shadows.

Rigby: But with the Phantoms, it's as though all of our doubts have gained a voice of their own.

Raynn: They're the weakness in our hearts.

Lann: I know we are alone here...

Agumon: Have the uncountable hours in the shadow whittled away the courage we never really had?

Vivi: I think we are losing this fight. The Darkness has found the cracks in our hearts.

Falcomon: Is this... the last apparition before it takes us over?

They went back to camp and Agumon and Gaomon are talking to each other

Gaomon: Agumon, do you remember that fight we have before you turned into a Digi-egg.

Agumon: Yeah. Why?

Gaomon: Because I was jealous of you. That you were stronger then me.

Agumon: Why?

Gaomon: Well, me and Thomas got stronger then you and Marcus. Then you got so strong and I was so jealous of you. I wish I could live life the way you do. Just followed my heart and my data.

Agumon: Well, I've got share of my problems too, Gaomon.

Gaomon: Like what?

Agumon: To be like you? You got stronger then me, so... I just want to be strong just like you and your Partner. Boss and I got so jealous of you after you and your partner arrived at the Headquarters. I need to become stronger just like you.

Gaomon: Well. I got something advantage to being me...

Agumon: What is it?

Gaomon: Wanted you as my best friend.

Agumon: Yeah. Then I guess.... I'm okay the way I am. I've got something you could never imitate too.

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