Here's the Transcript for the Pooh's Adventures Chronicles episode In Case of the Mystery Robbery

Pooh, Aladdin and Ash have been robbed

  • (One stormy night In the middle of the night Pooh was asleep when thunder woke him up and notice all of his stuff in his house are gone.)
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh no, I must be sleeping in my sleep again...I think.
  • (Meanwhile at Aladdin's hovel the next morning he woke up in with a good night sleep and notice something strange has happened and scanned his hovel)
  • Aladdin: Wake up, everybody! We've been robbed!
  • (Genie and Abu are wakened by Aladdin's cry as Genie transformed as a security guard.)
  • Abu: What? Huh?
  • Genie: Oh, you'd have to be pretty desperate to rob a place like this!
  • Abu: (feels his head and notices that his fez is gone) Oh, huh?
  • (Genie notice his lamps is gone and looks everywhere for it.)
  • Genie: Al, have you seen my lamp?
  • Aladdin: Wait a minute...Does this mean...
  • Aladdin, Genie, and Abu: Uh oh...