This is how our heroes go to the DC world in Ryan's Quest 2.

They arrived in Gotham City

Goofy: Look at this city.

Ryan: Gotham City, it's great to be back.

Matau: Yeah. I hope I can fight some Organization 13 chaps.

Bertram: I wonder how Batman and the others are doing?

Sci-Ryan: Don't know, I think they do their heroic stuff.

They saw Superman look injured

Ryan: Superman! Are you ok?

Superman: I'm fine, but I think I been under attack from those Villain's and the Black coated person. And his name is Laxm.

Sora: Laxm?

Ryan: I think he's in Organization 13.

Superman: I got away from them, but there are too many... so, I'm the only one who escaped.

Ryan: What happened to the others?

Superman: The Villain's got them.

Ryan: Let's go!

They went off to save them and saw the Villain's and the Black coated person

Joker: Look who's here.

Laxm: I see.

He remove his hood and his head looks like Mal from Total Drama

Ryan: You look familiar to me.

Laxm: Have we? Or have we not?

Superman: Let go of my friends!

Joker: If you want them, fight us.

Evil Ryan: Let's dance.

They are fighting them and they defeat them

Laxm: You may have won. But I'll be back.

He left to the Portal

Ryan: Well, at least we save the Heroes from them.

Sora: Yeah.

Then the Kryptonite is glowing, Sora and Ryan open a new gateway

Superman: What was that light?

Sci-Ryan: Another gate is open for business!

Ryan: That means we have to go. We will be back. And if anything you need, just let us know.


They left this world

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