Mickey: Riku!

Optimus: Cody!

(They sits up suddenly)

Riku (calling): Sora!

Cody (calling): Ryan!

Sora: Hey, Donald! Come on, you're hogging it all!

Ryan: Save some for me please.

(Behind him, Sora and Ryan sits at a table filled with desserts)

Donald: Aw, calm down, Sora and Ryan, and drink your tea.

Goofy: Gawrsh, it sure is yummy!

Crash: Yeah. Want a cupcake, Lea?

Riku & Cody: Hey!

(Sora and Ryan turns around, wearing a party hat and fake mustache glasses. They takes them off and greets their friend)

Sora: Riku... You're safe! Riku!

Ryan: Brother! You're awake!

(They jumps onto Riku and Cody and laughs)

Riku: Wait, haven't we got this backwards? And why are you having a tea party?

Sora: You're safe, Riku!

Ryan: Brother! You are safe as well!

(They hugs them again)

Riku: Ah, never mind. You okay? Feeling all right?

Sora: Yeah, I've never been better. I was watching what was going on in my dream. And I could hear your voice the whole time. Thanks, Riku. Thanks, everybody!

Ryan: Might be a long nap. At least Axel saved my body.

(Everyone smiles happily)

Sora: Oh yeah! Did we pass the test?

(Yen Sid nods)

Yen Sid: You performed truly admirably, both of you.

(They push each other off the ground, knocking a chair aside, and they present themselves front of Yen Sid's desk)

Yen Sid: More than anything, I am grateful to have you both back from Xehanort's deception unharmed. And I am grateful to Lea, whose spontaneous actions turned the tides. I am also deeply sorry, for failing to percieve the danger and throwing you headlong into a perilous test. This experience has revealed many hidden truths, and we must gird ourselves for the great clash with darkness that lies before us. I believe we need a new Keyblade Master, one with a new kind of power. Sora, Crash, Sci-Ryan, Cody and Riku, you both deserve the honor. However, one of you braved the realm of sleep again to unlock the final Keyhole and save a friend. Riku, Cody, I name you our new true Keyblade Masters.

Sora (excited): Way to go, Riku!

Ryan: Well done, Cody!

(Thwy places a hand on Riku and Cody's shoulder and laughs)

Riku: Y-yeah?

Sora: I knew you were gonna pass with flying colors. This is just so awesome!

Goofy: Gee, Sora, you're kinda acting like it's you that passed.

Crash: Well, Ryan, Sci-Ryan and I need more training, mate.

Donald: I told ya Sora still needed some practice.

Sora: Hey.

Riku: Really? I'm a Keyblade Master?

Cody: Yes.

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy walk over to them)

Mickey: Congratulations, Riku and Cody!

(Mickey holds out a hand and Riku shakes it)

Riku: Thank you, Mickey. I owe it to my friends.

(Sora laughs)

Lea: Ah, I'll catch up with ya in no time flat.

Sora: What? You wanna be a Keyblade Master?

Lea: Yeah. I mean, I came here to learn how to wield one.

Sora & Riku: YOU!?

Lea: Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence. You know, I was gonna come swooping in, Keyblade in hand! But I just couldn't get mine to materialize. Must be in the snap of the wrist or something.

(He holds his hand out and a fiery Keyblade flashes into his hand, surprising him)

Everyone: WHOA!

(Later, Sora and Ryan walks out of the Mysterious Tower, being seen off by Riku, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy)

Goofy: Do ya have to go?

Sora: Well...Me and Ryan did doze off... We just have some stuff to take care of.

Ryan: And maybe, I can find the Dazzlings.

Donald: Are you gonna be okay?

Sora: Yeah. Me and Ryan won't be long.

Mickey: Be careful.

Riku: Very careful.

Cody: Good luck, Ryan and Sora.

Sora: Right. See you soon.

Ryan: Me and Sora, we'll be back!

(Sora and Ryan summons their Keyblade and a keyhole appears in the sky. They shoots it with a beam of light. Later, they awakens in Traverse Town and stands up)

Sora: Good. I was hoping this world was still here. But where are they?

Ryan: Let's see.

(They looks around, seeing no one around. They looks to the ground before hearing a small whimper. They turns, seeing a Meow Wow running toward them)

Sora: There!

(It leaps into his arms and licks his face as Sora laughs. He and Ryan bumps into something behind him and sees a Kooma Panda gazing dreamily at him. To his right, a Necho Cat prances around merrily and on his left, a Komory Bat flies toward him)

Sora: Hey!

(A multitude of Spirits that Sora encountered gather around him, chirping, squawking, and roaring)

Sora: Thanks. You're the best.

Ryan: Aww. You guys are awesome!

(Meanwhile, inside a mysterious labyrinthine castle, Ventus and Spyro smiles because of Sora and Ryan's happiness)

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