This is how

They made it to England

Sora: Man, where are we?

Ryan: We're in England, it's great to be here.

Matau: I wonder how the Doctor is doing?

Bertram: Don't know.

Ryan: Let's go look around.

They saw the Doctor at the TARDIS

Twelve Doctor: Well, if isn't Ryan and his friends.

Ryan: Hey, Doctor!

Twelve Doctor: It's great to see you.

Sci-Ryan: It's great to see you again, and this is Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Twelve Doctor: Pleasure to meet you.

Sora: So any troubles around here?

Twelve Doctor: No.

Then they saw a Daleks Coming

Twelve Doctor: Okay, maybe not. Quick! To the TARDIS!

They went to the TARDIS and arrived in Dalek's world again

Ryan: Home of the Daleks.

Twelve Doctor: Let's go stop the Emperor.

They went off to stop the Emperor and they found him

Dalek Emperor: You have arrived.

Twelve Doctor: Yes, I am.

Dalek Emperor: Let's see, if you can defeated me.

They are fighting and they defeated the Emperor

Twelve Doctor: Looks like we defeated you.

Then his Screwdriver is glowing

Twelve Doctor: What is this?

Sora and Ryan unlocked a Gateway

Ryan: Time for us to leave.

Twelve Doctor: You can come back to see me?

Sora: Promise is a Promise.

Twelve Doctor: Okay, goodbye.

They left this world

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