This is how in Gothem and Robin got Kidnapped in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

Bane is chasing from Batman and Robin and he drop all the Kryptonite's, and Robin got the Kryptonite.

Robin: Hey, No littering! Why does Bane wants with all the Kryptonite, Batman?

Batman: What does everyone wants with Kryptonite, to take down Superman. But not today. Cut him off at the Bridge, we have him Cornered.

Robin: Okay, Batman!

He is gonna get him, but he began to Float.

Robin: Whoa!

Bane: Oh, and we were having such a nice chase.

Batman: Robin?

The wall of the building opens up and Robin gets sucked to the portal along with the Kryptonite. Batman is driving his Batmobile to the Portal.