Riku and Cody made into Gravity Fall and they saw Stan and Ford surrounded by Dream Eater

Stan: Ford, what are they!?

Ford: I don't know.

Then Riku and Cody save them

Ford: Thank you for saving me.

Riku: You're welcome. So what happens?

Stan: Thanks to Bill, he take over the town and now he wants Ford.

Riku: I see, maybe we should help you fight him.

Ford: You mean it?

Cody: We will, trust us.

Ford: Okay, let's go.

They went off and they found Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher: Hey, there Ford.

Ford: Bill, you have to stop this!

Bill: Well, let's have a fight first!

They are fighting him and he ran away

Ford: He got away!

Riku: Don't worry, our friends will stop him for sure.

Cody: They always know how to deal with them.

Stan: I see.

They left and they saw Ryalight Glimmer

Cody: Ryan?

Ryalight: Well. I used to be Ryan. Xehanort met me. If you and Riku join me, you will embrace the darkness to save Ryan and Sora.

Cody: Riku, Ryan, Sci-Ryan and I walk the road to dawn!

He left and they seal the Keyhole

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