They made it to Gravity Fall and they saw Soos and Wendy surrounded by Dream Eater, they fighting them and defeated them

Sci-Ryan: Are you okay?

Soos: Thanks dude.

Crash: What happened here?

Wendy: Gideon is taking over Gravity Fall with those strange Creatures, and we have to stop him for this.

Sci-Ryan: Don't worry, we can help you.

Soos: Thanks, dude. Come on.

They went off and they found Gideon

Gideon: Well, look who's here.

Wendy: You can't take over Gravity Fall.

Gideon: Oh Really? How about this!

He summon a Giant Dream Eater and they defeated it

Wendy: Man, thanks for saving Gravity Fall.

Sci-Ryan: You're welcome.

They left and they saw Clyde Bandicoot


Crash: Clyde Bandicoot. Did Xehanort pick you?

Clyde: Yes, Crash. He taught me everything he know.

He left to the Portal and then they saw a Keyhole so they seal the Keyhole

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